Importance of Marketing in a Bear Market

Last Updated: March 12, 2020

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First of all, what is a bear market? Essentially, it’s when commodities are dropping in value and investors are encouraged to sell. Even though Crypto has been in a bear market for a while, there is still plenty of opportunity for good crypto marketing. In this episode, we break down reasons why you should still market in a bear market.

Ty’s Show Notes:


We are going to talk about why you should be marketing in a bear market and which channels you should shift your marketing resources to.

Crypto has been in a bear market for a while now and we often hear from clients that they are waiting for the market to pick up to do more marketing.

Really frustrating because bear markets are such a good marketing opportunity.

Why do marketing in a Bear market?

  • Its WAY more cost-effective
  • Less noise to cut through

Where should you dedicate marketing resources in a bear market?

  • Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing is very supply/demand. Demand is down and supply has stayed consistent. Pricing will increase later
  • SEO: longer-term, Less competition. Google uses the timeliness of an article in its decision-making process of what articles to serve. Articles that were published during the last bull run might no longer be relevant.
  • PPC: Less expensive to bid on keywords
  • Social Media content: Easier to get eyes on your content


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