BitDials + Coinbound Case Study

Developing Scalable, Profitable Paid Ads Channels for BitDials

Inside how we brought a 29x+ ROI for BitDials with powerful PPC campaigns

BitDials Case Study

Success by the stats

Return on Ad Spend

About the Client

BitDials is an eCommerce store built on Shopify that sells luxury watches and goods. The products on BitDials’ shop can be bought with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.



Open up new acquisition channels that are profitable and scaleable

BitDials struggled to find channels that could reliably and consistently bring qualified traffic to their eCommerce site.

Reach targeted traffic via Google Ads

We quickly recognized Google traffic as an untapped potential source of qualified traffic for BitDials.

We targeted search keywords that signaled strong buying intent amount those looking to buy luxury goods with Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.



We created a PPC-driven money printer

Our PPC exploration for BitDials was a massive success with an average return on ad spend of 29.96x.

That’s $29.96 in revenue for ever $1 spent on ads with Coinbound.