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A suite of custom-built tools to understand how to grow your business.

ROAS Calculator

Calculate return on ad spend to analyze the profitability of your paid ad campaigns.
ROAS Calculator

Cost Per Click Calculator

Determine the costs per click for your marketing campaign.
CPC Calculator

CPM Calculator

Calculate CPM on your digital marketing spend. Measure the reach your are getting.
CPM Calculator

Cost Per View Calculator

Measure ROI on YouTube influencer and ad campaigns.
CPV Calculator

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Calculate lifetime value of your customers.
LTV Calculator

Customer Churn Rate Calculator

Calculate the churn rate of your customers and compare to industry averages.
Churn Rate Calculator

Paid Ads Agency ROI Calculator

Calculate your ROI when working with a Paid Ads or PPC agency.
Calculate Paid Ads Agency ROI

Lead Gen Agency ROI Calculator

Estimate your ROI when working with a lead gen agency.
Estimate Lead Gen ROI

NFT Marketing Budget Calculator

Understand what your should be budgeting to sell out your upcoming NFT drop.
Estimate Lead Gen ROI

OnlyFans Earnings Calculator

Calculate estimated earnings for an OnlyFans account.
Predict OnlyFans Earnings

MRR Calculator

Calculate monthly recurring revenue of your SaaS or subscription business.
Calculate MRR