About our Founder & CEO

Who is Ty Smith?

Founder of marketing firm Coinbound and all-around lover of all things digital marketing, tech, & entrepreneurship.

After years of independently helping blockchain-focused companies growth hack their way to success, he founded Coinbound in 2018 as a way to deliver Web3 growth at a larger scale. Ty now manages marketing campaigns for top Web3 brands like Nexo, Litecoin, eToro, Cosmos, Sui, Tron, Gala, Immutable, and more.

Ty also hosts the Web3 Marketing Show, a marketing podcast that breaks down the most effective tips, techniques, and tools to help you grow your Web3 brand.

Ty’s insights have been featured by Forbes, CoinTelegraph, Forbes, BeinCrypto, NFT NYC, Blockworks, HubSpot, CoinTelegraph, Decrypt, Shopify, Incfile, & More

The Web3 Marketing Podcast

The Web3 Marketing Podcast breaks down the most effective tips, techniques, and tools to help you grow your brand.

A Word from Ty

“After entering the crypto space in 2017, I took a fascination in watching the growth of some incredibly innovative blockchain companies. They all created some incredible tech, platforms, and currencies but they all had one thing in common. They had no idea how to market themselves. That’s not to blame them, no one did. The space was still incredibly nascent.

I watched as companies began hiring conventional marketing agencies who ultimately were totally failing to deliver results in an industry that requires your full attention. That’s why I launched Coinbound, an agency designed specifically to help Web3 companies get more users, make more money, and succeed. 

In the half-decade we’ve been around, we’ve had the pleasure of helping grow some of the most exciting companies in the space. Names like Litecoin, Cosmos, Tron, Gala, & eToro to name a few.

Our passion for crypto marketing is stronger than ever and we are excited to be part of growing the industry around the most incredible technological innovation of our generation.

I’m really excited to show you what we’ve built here.”