Equito + Coinbound Case Study

Give life to the next great Web3 brand

Inside our brand overhaul for Equito Finance

Equito Brand Street Sign

About the Client

Equito is a cross-chain messaging protocol for institutions and Web3 ecosystems to interoperate approaching real-time.



Refresh a brand and set cohesive guidelines for mass scale

Equito’s existing brand’s visual and communication elements were not effectively conveying the innovative nature of their services or the speed and security with which they operated.

This discrepancy hindered Equito’s ability to attract new clients and partners, as well as to maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of Web3 and cross-chain interoperability solution providers.

The challenge was to reimagine and rejuvenate Equito’s brand identity in a way that not only encapsulated its core values and technological prowess but also appealed to its targeted and sophisticated audience.

A comprehensive, Web3-focused rebrand

To address these challenges we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding initiative for Equito. The rebranding strategy was rooted in a deep understanding of Equito’s mission, its technological foundation, and its target audience.

We developed a new logo that symbolized Equito’s commitment to bridging different blockchain ecosystems seamlessly and securely. The logo’s design elements reflected Equito’s dynamism, reliability, and its pivotal role in enabling real-time interoperability across chains.

We also created a cohesive brand kit that included a carefully selected typography palette, visual assets, and color schemes that aligned with the ethos of innovation, speed, and security. These elements were designed to evoke a sense of trust and sophistication, appealing directly to the discerning tastes of institutions and Web3 enthusiasts.

Our solution extended to the digital realm, where we overhauled Equito’s website design to offer an intuitive user experience and a visually engaging interface. The new website effectively communicates Equito’s value proposition and showcases its technology’s potential through engaging content and interactive design elements.

The comprehensive rebranding effort successfully repositioned Equito as a frontrunner in the cross-chain messaging space, enhancing its visibility and appeal to its target audience.

The new brand identity not only evokes the core values and innovative spirit of Equito but also sets a solid foundation for its future growth and success in the Web3 ecosystem.



Reintroducing Equito