Neurahub + Coinbound Case Study

How Coinbound helped Neurahub build a brand built for scale

A brand refresh that brought new life

Neurahub launch mockup

About the Client

Neurahub is a suite of generative AI products that centralizes the best of AI for everyday professionals. And for Neurahub, AI also means a new form of “Intelligence Amplified”.



Refresh a brand and set cohesive guidelines for mass scale

When Neurahub approached us, their brand and website felt like many other cutting-edge tech startups, with a dark and mysterious aesthetic reminiscent of Linear. However, it wasn’t hitting the right target or conveying the right message.

Neurahub’s robot mascot suggested companionship and an enhanced thinking partner, but it lacked warmth and wholesomeness. The dark UI patterns created mystery rather than clarity, undermining Neurahub’s role as a go-to everyday tool for productivity and creativity.

In addition, Despite a friendly and genuine Discord community closely led by the very cordial and faithful founder team, the brand’s down-to-earth nature wasn’t delivering.

Our challenge was to capture Neurahub’s amiable personality, and appeal to our target audience. So we began a comprehensive brand refresh, engaging in deep discussions to refine their vision, mission, story, and product positioning.

The goal was to distinguish Neurahub in the fiercely competitive generative AI space, especially with the constant emergence of new API-wrapper products.

A cohesive, mission-aligned brand

We derived a creative concept around a mindspace for open and spontaneous creation. In this, we used stimulating and artistic illustrations to depict an open mind where neurons connect endlessly, symbolizing the amplified thinking and limitless possibilities of generative AI. To some, the imagery reminded of Rick & Morty, and to others: adult coloring books. All in all, it’s perfectly reminiscent of the escapism that all creatives need in their lives.

Neurahub’s target audience includes diverse professionals who leverage generative AI to boost productivity, create freely, and innovate from their apartments to pursue their dreams . They resonate deeply with our spontaneous, AI-generated brand imagery. Complementing this, we chose a Display font that embodies the dynamic and whimsical spirit of Neurahub, enhancing the moments we deliver messaging across various social media platforms and the marketing website.

Given Neurahub’s breadth as a suite of generative AI products, a single logo wouldn’t suffice. We went further by creating a library of logos for each sub-product, drawing inspiration from industry leaders like Atlassian and Adobe. These polished doodle-style logos, are sourced from our Neurabot mascot, and were crafted to resonate with our tech-savvy audience.

Our color palettes too were inspired by our bespoke imagery, featuring easy blues for text and backgrounds, and vibrant pinks, oranges, and greens for impactful elements like call-to-action buttons.



Reintroducing Neurahub