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Join a community of like-minded Web3 leaders. Build your network while gaining access to exclusive events, publishing opportunities, and perks.

Who we are

We are the leadership community for extraordinary Web3 executives, founders, and entrepreneurs.

We believe that, together, we accomplish more.

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Why Join CEC

Online Networking Events

Grow your network. Meet other Web3 entrepreneurs and execs and expand the horizon of your growth potential. Find new strategic partners and make friends within the crypto industry.

Digital Community

Get help with growth questions, share your wins, and connect with other leaders in our custom members portal and Telegram channel.


Learn from the greatest minds in Web3 and beyond. Expand your knowledge when we bring subject experts into our events.

Editorial Opportunities

Build authority by contributing quotes to upcoming editorial pieces

Exclusive Badges

Establish trust online with a badge verifying your membership (NFTs coming soon, too!)

Publish on Coinbound

Build thought leadership by publishing articles on Coinbound

Virtual Networking Events

Every month, we host networking events for our community. This is a great chance to meet other web3 entrepreneurs, grow your network, and trade perspectives while we discuss a range of relavent issues and developments in the world of blockchain.

Get Published

Share your insights into the industry and build thought leadership in the process. Share your content with the largest network of Web3 entrepreneurs on and be considered for thought leadership pieces from top publications.

Exclusive Membership Badges

Build trust with clients and colleagues and signal your commitment to advancement and development. Display on your website, email, or social media.

The Application Process

Submit an Application

CEC accepts applications on an ongoing, rolling basis. Factors we place an emphasis on include company revenue, company size, funding raised, and contribution to the Web3 industry.

Virtual Interview

Get help with growth questions, share your wins, and connect with other leaders in our custom members portal and Telegram channel.

Offer Extended

Accepted applicants will be offered a position in CEC! Members pay their dues and are accepted into the community. Access to members’ perks begins immediately.


Coinbound Entrepreneurs’ Circle is reserved for Entrepreneurs, Founders, Leaders, and Executives of Web3 companies. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Factors we place emphasis on include:

  • Company Annual Revenue
  • Company Market Cap
  • Team Size
  • Contribution to the industry

We believe qualified members contribute as much value as they receive.

CEC collects yearly dues of $1500. These dues allow us to provide a world-class Web3 community experience.

Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. There is no way to speed up the application process.

CEC’s mission is to create a curated community that fosters strong, synergistic relationships among Web3 leaders.