Introducing the Coinscribble Affiliate Program

Published: August 29, 2023

Earlier this week, we proudly launched a comprehensive affiliate program on Coinscribble, our crypto press release distribution platform. We believe the rates we are offering, in combination with the average order size on Coinscribble, give this program the potential to become one of the most profitable affiliate programs in Web3.

Since its launch this week, multiple affiliates have already earned over $1,500 in commissions.

So how does it work?

The Coinscribble affiliate operates like many existing affiliate programs you may already be familiar with. You share a link, someone clicks it and uses Coinscribble, & we pay you a percent of the sales. Super simple, super easy, and (hopefully) super profitable.

  • Step 1: You share your affiliate link with your network (friends, coworkers, social media audiences, etc.)
  • Step 2: They click on your link and use the Coinscribble platform
  • Step 3: At the end of the month, you are paid a percentage of the amount your referred users spent on Coinscribble.

You can track your referrals and commissions live in your Coinscribble dashboard at any time.

What services can my referred users purchase on Coinscribble?

The main services offered on Coinscribble are press release distribution services for crypto, NFT, & blockchain and Web3 companies and agencies. Coinscribble offers fast and guaranteed access to incredible publications like CoinTelegraph, BeInCrypto, Yahoo Finance, Decrypt, and more. By using Coinscribble, users can quickly and cost-effectively get featured on some of the biggest news outlets inside (and outside) of the Web3 space.

Coinscribble Homepage Screenshot

In addition to this, a variety of Web3 marketing services like SEO and content creation services are also available on the platform.

Payout structure

First orders from users you refer: 5%

All future orders from users you refer: 2% of spend

Note: Payout structure and commission rate are subject to change without notice. Please check the affiliate page of the Coinscribble platform for the most up-to-date rates and information.

How to become a Coinscribble affiliate:

Becoming a Coinscribble affiliate is easy and fast (just a minute or two).

  • Create a free account on Coinscribble
  • Navigate to the affiliate page
  • Copy and share your unique affiliate link with potential users
  • That’s it! – When users click on your link, they will automatically be tracked as a referred user from you. You can keep track of your referrals as well as affiliate commissions within your Coinscribble dashboard.

Payouts will happen at the end of the month for users with a balance of more than $50.

We are really excited to see how this program grows. We’ve put tons of time and energy into building what we think is a super exciting program.

Happy referring!

-Ty & the Coinscribble team