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Web3, also known as the decentralized web, is a term used to describe the use of blockchain technology to create a more secure and decentralized internet. This new paradigm has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact and do business online, and has already spawned a number of innovative projects and platforms.

As more and more businesses and organizations begin to explore the potential of Web3, the need for effective marketing strategies and agencies that specialize in this space will only continue to grow. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the top Web3 marketing agencies that are helping to shape the future of the decentralized web.

What is Web3 Marketing?

Web3 marketing refers to marketing strategies and tactics that are specifically designed for blockchain-related products, services, and companies. This includes marketing efforts that focus on decentralized applications (dApps), blockchain technology, NFTs, tokens, DeFi platforms, cryptocurrencies, and other Web3-based platforms and projects.

Web3 marketing can take many forms, including content marketing, influencer marketing, paid advertising, Web3 PR, email marketing, and event marketing. The goal of Web3 marketing is to promote decentralized technologies and platforms to a targeted audience, with the ultimate goal of driving adoption and usage.

Web3 marketing can be a complex and challenging endeavor, as it requires a deep understanding of decentralized technologies and the unique characteristics of the Web3 ecosystem. As a result, many businesses and organizations turn to specialized Web3 marketing agencies to help them navigate this complex space and achieve their marketing goals.

What is a Web3 Marketing Agency?

A Web3 marketing agency is a specialized marketing firm that focuses on promoting decentralized technologies and platforms, that have a blockchain component. These agencies typically have a team of experienced marketers and a deep understanding of the Web3 ecosystem.

Web3 marketing agencies typically focus exclusively on the crypto industry so that they can offer strategies that are proven to work specifically for Web3 companies and clients.

How are Web3 Marketing Agencies Different from Traditional & Web2 Marketing Agencies?

Web3 marketing agencies are different from traditional and Web2 marketing agencies in a number of key ways. Some of the main differences include:

Why Use A Web3 Marketing Agency?

Focus on decentralized technologies

Web3 marketing agencies specialize in promoting decentralized technologies and platforms, including blockchain-based projects and decentralized applications (dApps). This is in contrast to traditional and Web2 marketing agencies, which may focus on more traditional marketing channels and technologies.

Beyond this, there are a number of factors that define the difference between Web3 marketing agencies and Web2 marketing agencies.

Expertise in Web3 ecosystem

Web3 marketing agencies have a deep understanding of the Web3 ecosystem and the unique characteristics of decentralized technologies. This includes an understanding of the various players in the space, the challenges and opportunities presented by Web3, and the best ways to promote decentralized products and services.

Specialized services

Web3 marketing agencies often offer a range of specialized services that are tailored specifically for the decentralized web. These may include content marketing, influencer marketing, PR, paid advertising, email marketing, and event marketing.

Focus on community building

Web3 marketing agencies often place a strong emphasis on building and maintaining strong online communities like Telegram and Discord. This can be particularly important in the Web3 space, as decentralized technologies rely on strong networks of users and developers to thrive.

Overall, Web3 marketing agencies are well-equipped to help businesses and organizations navigate the complex and rapidly-evolving world of decentralized technologies, and effectively promote their products and services in the decentralized web space.

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How Much Do Web3 Marketing Agencies Charge?

Web3 marketing agencies typically have customized pricing based on the scope of work needed by the client. Typically, you can expect to pay a Web3 marketing agency between $5,000 and $20,000 per month for basic marketing responsibilities.

Which Are the Top Web3 Marketing Agencies?

There are hundreds of Web3 marketing agencies in the market, and all of them offer different services and levels of expertise. It is significant for Web3 entrepreneurs and business owners, among others, to select the best marketing agency specializing in Web3. Just any general marketing agency won’t do it.

A Web3 experienced agency can customize services per a business’s budget, needs, business goals, and more. Besides, they know craft marketing strategies suitable for Web3 companies. But there are at least hundreds of Web3 agencies, if not thousands. Hence, finding the right Web 3.0 marketing agency can be tedious. To help cut the clutter, we present a collection of top Web3 marketing agencies. Read on to get a peek.


With a client roster that includes Web3 giants like MetaMask and eToro, Coinbound is a leading Web3 marketing agency that provides Web3 influencer & thought leader marketing, Twitter management, public relations, and search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

What separates Coinbound from the rest is its approach to crafting marketing and PR strategies for its clients. Coinbound strongly believes that any company operating in a highly evolving domain like Web3 has something unique about them.

Thus, Coinbound leverages its in-depth marketing & PR industry expertise to craft custom marketing and advertising solutions for all Web3 clients. Besides, being in the industry for far longer than any other Web3 agency today makes Coinbound a market leader and even an industry veteran of sorts, considering the term Web3 was coined in 2014 only.

Talking about influencer marketing, it’s a given that it plays a crucial role in the Web3 space and interestingly, it is also something that makes Coinbound a cut above the rest. After all, it manages the largest network of cryptocurrency, blockchain, & NFT influencers across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Such an extensive network of Web3 influencers can be game-changing for a company seeking to carve a name for itself in the competitive world of Web3.

Its second specialty is highly engaging and thought-provoking content creation. In today’s age, content is the king and there is no alternative to quality content. Coinbound takes a purely focused approach on quality content to attract real customers of the blockchain and the world of cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to Web3 Twitter Management services, the numbers speak for themselves, as Coinbound’s clients experience a whopping 400% growth in the first month itself.

Long story short, choosing Coinbound for marketing and PR services can bring a Web3 company into the limelight. After all, the connections Coinbound has built with publishers, influencers, and media can turn the fortunes of any Web3 company by attracting the much-needed eyeballs.


Past Clients:

  • MetaMask
  • Cosmos
  • Nexo
  • Tron
  • ImmutableX
  • Voyager
  • eToro

Location: New York, USA

Additionally, Coinbound has the most popular YouTube channel on Web3 marketing:

Crypto Marketing Agencies 101 | Everything You NEED to Know for Web3


Coinscribble helps Web3 companies get guaranteed coverage on top crypto news sites. Working with CoinScribble means you can be assured any company announcements, feature releases, or product updates get featured on places like CoinTelegraph,, NewBTC, CryptoDaily, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, NFT Lately, and more.

Coinscribble delivers results quickly and easily and at a price that is lower than most Web3 marketing solutions.


  • Press Release Distribution
  • PR

Past Clients:

  • Tron
  • Voyager

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Pricing: From $2,000 to $19,000

Web3 Consulting

Web3 Consulting helps design, build and promote great web3 products. For more than four years, they have been developing blockchain products and communities by consulting and providing businesses with Web3 marketing strategies. They help grow the userbase, engage the crypto community, and highlight user insights. 

They work on improving search engine ranking by optimizing the website’s content & design and getting external links, which supercharges the website’s SEO. Moreover, they also help increase user engagement & on-chain activity by advertising to specific crypto-focused user groups.

Besides, Web3 Consulting also helps accelerate growth with custom airdrop tooling. This strategy targets the group of users a Web3 company wants to reach, which enables them to gain new followers and generate awareness. Their crypto-focused marketing campaigns can save ad budget by targeting specific user groups through crypto ads and referral campaigns.

Their social media marketing strategy supports English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian languages. Additionally, they enable their clients to manage their media presence in Western and Eastern technology media outlets by placing their products in prominent podcasts and newsletters.


  • Influencer Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Airdrops
  • Aggregator Site Listings
  • Strategy
  • Product Design

Past Clients:

  • IMToken
  • Linkdrop
  • Raiden

Location: Decentralized

Pricing: Contact for Pricing

Rehab Agency

For anyone who wants to have a Web3-related business but doesn’t know how to make it go viral, Rehab is an answer to their problem. They help tap into the Web3 marketing opportunity by creating shared brand propositions that support loyalty, social, and marketing strategies to empower a community.

Rehab is leading web3 strategy, design, and marketing efforts for some of the world’s biggest brands, including media, CPG, retail, and the blockchain industry. They have pioneered projects that have helped brands and industries launch successful campaigns that changed how people interacted with brands.

They have incredible ideas to merge technology with ideology to create new customer experience apps for a Web3 company. It can help solve various issues made by web2, such as the lack of first-party data and diminishing growth from advertising efforts by designing mechanics that allow for value exchange for notable brands.

For more than a decade, Rehab has designed marketing strategies to create a roadmap for growth to maximize the marketing efforts of several brands. They have experience building large-scale web products focusing on security, scale, development, performance, and user experience. Besides, they have created NFT projects for Ripple, Facebook, and Nike.

Galaxy Growth

Galaxy Growth marketing agency does everything to get more visitors through advertising and bring new customers who can generate revenue for the company. They help a Web3 company build a marketing strategy effectively to achieve the maximum return on investment and profit from the crypto project.

They do this by conducting research upfront to find the ideal persona. Next, they design marketing campaigns and create content that attracts customers and gets results. Further, they use the data to optimize Web3 marketing campaigns.

So, for any Web3 project that needs digital marketing, they can reach out to Galaxy Growth marketing agency. Not only do they have the experience and tools to target the right keywords for their website and get it in front of the right users, but their keyword research will get the most out of content creation and optimization efforts.

It’s a given that a website needs optimization built into its roots to gain traction in a crowded market. That’s where Galaxy Growth comes into the picture. They can identify and implement the required changes to the website to help a Web3 company succeed. On top of that, they are pretty good at designing and developing a website with SEO optimization to get great website rankings on search engines. What more could a Web3 company ask for!



reblonde helps a Web3 company reach its audience with a calculated communications strategy tailored to its business. It is an experienced Web3 public relations agency comprising some of the industry’s best communicators. 

They help solve common pain points with their practical, data-driven PR and marketing services for Web3 startups. reblonde knows that each Web3 company is unique in its structure, challenges, and objectives. Hence, they will take an expertly tailored approach to a Web3 business’ needs. They will design a custom Web3 PR or metaverse PR strategy to reach a Web3 company’s target audience and produce tangible results.

Also, their bespoke NFT marketing solutions for creators and brands make it possible for its clients to leave a mark in the NFT space. Besides, Reblonde’s services include a comprehensive social media campaign targeting the broader market in the process.


  • Public Relations

Past Clients:

  • Trusttoken
  • Carats
  • Ardor
  • PumaPay

Location: Israel

Pricing: Contact for Pricing

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Luna PR

Luna PR Screenshot

Bridging the knowledge gap between web3 companies and their users can be challenging. Luna PR helps solve those issues with their go-to-market with customized strategies. They are a full-stack digital marketing agency passionate about blockchain technology to be pioneers in driving mass adoption. Their success comes from focusing on their client’s desired outcomes and understanding their industry and challenges.

Luna PR helps a Web3 brand appeal to its audience by creating a powerful personal narrative through authentic storytelling and a solid online presence. They keep themselves updated with the latest industry knowledge, ensuring a Web3 brand remains at the cutting-edge of this innovative market.

Their team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge from more than 600 clients. They have helped brands launch, expand, and re-image themselves by mastering their public relations, marketing, and branding. To achieve all these, they take full control of brand marketing and do their best to ensure that it contains excellent content that will be of interest to the audience.


  • Public Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Past Clients:

  • NFTY
  • Clover
  • EverRise
  • Bitget

Location: Dubai, UAE

Pricing: Contact for Pricing


Gaining visibility, attracting clients, and achieving the desired return on investment is incredibly time-consuming for any startup. Mooning takes care of Web3 marketing strategy, allowing the company to focus on running the company. They help harness the power of NFTs, the metaverse, and blockchain technology to supercharge marketing efforts.

Mooning can create and conceptualize a bespoke campaign to meet business goals. They offer expert advice to analyze a Web3 business and marketing plans. They have an impressive list of services to support at any marketing stage. What separates Mooning from other crypto marketing agencies is its high work speed and quality. Besides, they have experience building a crypto community, which includes both Instagram and Discord, the key pillars of social media marketing strategy for Web3 companies.


Ghost is a Web3 marketing agency that uses the most modern approaches in promoting Web3 company’s services. They have a team of specialists who have been working in the field of digital marketing for many years and have several successful cases.

It’s a fact that the success of a project depends on how well it is marketed, which is especially true in the case of Web3 and NFTs. An NFT solid marketing strategy must enable an NFT brand to reach the right audience in an increasingly competitive market. For this, Ghost provides a range of solutions, from solidifying messaging to nurturing relationships with NFT influencers. 

Ghost assists a Web3 company builds a brand showcase, differentiating their offerings, and helping them achieve business objectives. The company has been a leader in this space and has helped build tailor-made Web3 marketing solutions for companies like Bravo, Cavatina, Hilton, Patina, Kendalls, Nico, and Yamashiro.

Epic Playdate

Epic Playdate is a creative studio of storytellers, designers, strategists, & all-around good humans. They define and translate brand mission and model into visual narratives focusing on website design, content strategy, graphic design, email marketing, etc. To showcase their Web3 clients’ products and services in a meaningful & effective way, they immerse themselves within their client’s strategic goals to develop compelling, engaging, and smart strategies.

They understand that every customer’s needs are unique and will help them stay ahead of their competitors in whatever industry they find themselves in. Their creative and strategic services are designed to seamlessly weave into a Web3 brand’s ecosystem to maximize its goals and outcomes.


Web3 marketing is different from plain old digital marketing. Hence, a Web3 company should decide to work with a Web3 marketing agency as they have specialized knowledge to serve companies in this burgeoning domain. From creating a landing page to website optimization to posts on specialized communities, a Web 3 marketing agency can do it all to get the necessary eyeballs. After all, the more customers know about a Web3 brand, the higher traction they will gain.

Ty Smith

Ty Smith is the Founder and CEO of Coinbound, the leading Crypto, NFT and Web3 marketing agency. In his free time, he enjoys surfing and learning new marketing tricks.

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