PPC for Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Companies

We help cryptocurrency brands attract new customers and users through ads on Google, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and more.

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Our Approach to Crypto PPC Marketing Success


We do comprehensive research into your brand, your competitors, and your business to identify high ROI strategies to help you grow quickly and scalably.

We create a plan that best identifies and gets your message in front of your ideal audience.

Campaign Creation

We’ll build you a complete, custom-built campaign on Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more that’s designed to activate new leads and get them to convert into customers or users.

At the same time we will ensure your business is ready to scale and is properly positioned to best capitalize on your new traffic.

Optimization and Scaling

Once your campaign is live we keep a constant close eye on it.

Optimizations are made regularly to ensure your budget is being spent as efficiently as possible.

Also Included

Remarketing Campaigns
Comprehensive PPC Bid Management
Landing Page Setup & Optimization
Goal Conversion Tracking
Advanced PPC Keyword Research
Ad Account Setup
Fast and Responsive Team
Ongoing Campaign Optimization
Competitor and Industry Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Why PPC?

PPC (or Pay Per Click) ads on Google, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more are incredibly scalable and customizable. PPC ads can be custom-tailored to get your message in front of your exact target customer. Furthermore, PPC advertising comes with highly-valuable data reporting so you can see who your message is best resonating with.

I don't have my ad accounts set up. Can you help?

Of course! If you don’t already have ad accounts set up we would be more than happy to set them up for you.

We can manage everything from start to finish from ad account creation, to landing page design, to ad campaign creation and optimization, and more.

Will I still own my accounts?

Absolutely! You retain full ownership over every account we manage, even if we set it up for you. Even if we stop working together, you’ll take your accounts with you.

Will I still have access to my own accounts?

Yes, you will always retain full ownership and access.

What type of performance reporting will I get?

All of our cryptocurrency PPC marketing clients gets a custom-built reporting dashboard that pulls live data from each marketing channel to show you how the ads are performing. You have 100% transparency at all times.

How soon can we begin?

Right away! Send us an email at [email protected] and we can have your ads running within 24 hours.

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