Tech Earned Media Agencies & Services To Hire in 2024

November 1, 2023

Tech earned media agencies have expertise in media relations and content creation, and they can help technology companies amplify their brand’s visibility and credibility. 

Allowing specialized technology earned media companies to navigate the complexities of the media landscape may expedite the process of securing valuable coverage. 

However, selecting the best tech earned media agencies requires careful consideration of costs versus benefits and alignment with your brand identity.

This article lists the top-rated tech earned media PR services that help provide an authentic perspective for your brand that can influence consumer perception positively.

What is a Tech Earned Media Agency? 

A tech earned media agency specializes in securing media coverage and exposure for technology-focused businesses through non-paid channels, such as press coverage, articles, interviews, and other organic methods. 

These agencies work to secure coverage in reputable publications, tech blogs, and industry platforms, enhancing the credibility and visibility of their clients within the technology sector. 

Services provided by tech earned media agencies include:

  • Media Campaigns 
  • Press Relations 
  • Thought Leadership 
  • Crisis Communication 
  • Reputation Management

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Best Tech Earned Media Companies in 2024

Here are the top earned media services and agencies in 2024: 


Clickstrike Homepage Screenshot

Nowbound’s Clickstrike is one of the best tech earned media agencies delivering impactful PR services tailored for B2B SaaS and tech companies. 

Leveraging a vast network of organic marketing partners, Clickstrike focuses on strategic storytelling, offering comprehensive earned media PR services from press releases to event management. 

The agency differentiates itself through client-centric practices, including month-to-month contracts, a la carte services, expert consultations, and weekly video chats. 

Additionally, Clickstrike provides various marketing services, such as PPC management, SEO, link building, B2B lead generation, and influencer marketing. 

Headquarters: New York


Team Size: 35-75 Employees

Key Services

  • Earned Media & PR Services: Crafting compelling narratives and securing media coverage for B2B SaaS and tech companies. 
  • Tech Media Relationships: Building and leveraging strong connections with SaaS journalists, bloggers, influencers, and industry experts. 
  • Strategic Storytelling: Collaborating with clients to develop captivating narratives that showcase expertise, innovation, and impact. 
  • Comprehensive Tech PR Services: Covering all aspects, from press releases and media pitches to managing media relations and organizing targeted events. 
  • B2B Lead Generation: Helping tech firms build outbound sales funnels for consistent sales calls. 
  • Tech Influencer Marketing: Facilitating viral growth for technology companies through influencers on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Clickstrike has a popular YouTube channel about Tech PR and earned media:

What is SaaS Earned Media? How to Do SaaS PR


Zen Media is a B2B Marketing and PR agency specializing in earned media and strategic communications to enhance visibility, drive sales enablement, and position clients as industry leaders. 

They excel in traditional PR, such as print features and TV interviews, and digital PR, encompassing various online platforms and events. 

Unlike conventional PR agencies, Zen goes beyond securing press hits; they focus on amplification, ensuring that media coverage translates into tangible benefits on social media and other channels. 

The agency’s comprehensive services include content marketing, social media management, and a commitment to ongoing support even after achieving press coverage. 

Headquarters: Dallas


Team Size: 11-50 Employees

Key Services: 

  • Traditional PR: Building buzz through newspaper placements, magazine, TV, and radio interviews. 
  • Digital PR: Content generation for articles and bylines in online publications and participation in digital events such as Reddit AMAs, podcasts, live streams, and virtual events. 
  • Crisis Communication: Managing and strategizing communication during crises to maintain brand reputation. 
  • On-site Event Support: Providing support for on-site events to ensure seamless execution and media coverage. 
  • Content Marketing: Developing thought leadership content, including bylines and blog posts, to establish authority and differentiate the brand. 
  • Social Media Management: Daily posting, social giveaway campaigns, and comprehensive social media strategies to maintain an active online presence. 
  • Amplification Strategies: Going beyond securing press hits, Zen Media focuses on amplification to turn media coverage into tangible results on social media. 
  • Influencer Marketing: Collaboration with influencers, industry thought leaders and potential customers to maximize the impact of earned media.


Mantis PR is one of the top tech earned media services crafting compelling narratives for clients in the technology, public sector, national, and broadcast media. They focus on creating customer stories, news, and thought leadership, tailoring tech PR strategies for maximum impact. 

With a key emphasis on execution and delivery, Mantis leverages unparalleled knowledge and relationships with public sector tech journalists, editors, and industry influencers. 

Headquarters: London


Team Size: 11-50 Employees

Key Services: 

  • Tech PR and Earned Media Services: Crafting customer stories, news, and thought leadership content to generate earned media coverage. 
  • Execution and Delivery: Emphasizing the importance of execution and delivery in implementing effective PR campaigns. 
  • Content Development: Providing support with narrative and messaging development, case studies, rapid response to social care issues, awards submissions, and leadership profile placement. 
  • Podcast and Exclusive Content: Hosting exclusive podcasts with leading investment experts and sharing insights on PR and the investment lifecycle.

Media Frenzy

Media Frenzy Global is one of the leading earned media companies that help technology firms create innovative earned media strategies.

The agency is adept at leveraging earned media to amplify client stories, drive market influence, and create impactful brand narratives that resonate in traditional and digital spaces.

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia


Team Size: 11-50 Employees

Key Services:

  • Brand Message & Identity: Craft unique messaging and creatives to distinguish and enhance a brand’s value proposition. 
  • Public Relations: Position clients as credible experts and thought leaders through earned media coverage in various publications. 
  • Digital Marketing: Utilize online advertising and SEO strategies to reach new prospects on preferred communication channels. 
  • Strategic Campaigns: Implement “media frenzy” campaigns to increase brand awareness and visibility. 
  • Global Brand Visibility: Strategically build momentum and brand awareness in key global markets. 
  • Brand Transformations: Engage in brand transformations, utilizing efficient PR approaches to raise awareness. 

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Coinbound PR & Earned Media Services Screenshot

Coinbound is a leading crypto and tech earned media agency specializing in crafting comprehensive communication strategies for technology-focused companies to achieve widespread coverage.

Being a top-ranked tech marketing agency, they have a dedicated PR team and extensive connections in the tech industry to help you secure organic coverage from major publishers, influencers, and media outlets. 

The agency has successfully placed clients in renowned publications such as TechCrunch, Forbes, and Yahoo Finance, showcasing its ability to bring significant visibility to software companies. 

Through meticulous crafting of releases, pitches, and announcements, Coinbound ensures that clients’ stories reach a vast audience. 

The agency’s expertise in earned media is a testament to its commitment to helping tech companies grow their brand presence through strategic and impactful coverage.

Headquarters: New York


Team Size: 11-50 Employees

Key Services: 

  • Strategic Tech Public Relations (PR): Coinbound specializes in crafting strategic PR campaigns designed to secure organic coverage for tech companies. This includes developing impactful narratives, press releases, and pitches that resonate with the tech industry. 
  • Media Outreach in the Tech Sector: Leveraging its extensive network, Coinbound conducts targeted outreach to key players in the tech and software sectors. This approach ensures clients gain organic visibility in relevant tech publications and platforms. 
  • Tech-Centric Content Creation: The agency excels in creating content that speaks directly to the tech audience. Whether crafting press materials, thought leadership pieces, or engaging stories, Coinbound ensures that the content aligns with the nuances of the tech landscape. 
  • Placement in Leading Tech Publications: With a proven track record, Coinbound secures placements in major tech publications to reach the right audience within the tech community. 
  • Strategic Tech Communications: Coinbound develops and executes communication strategies that align with the dynamic nature of the tech industry. Their expert tech earned media team stays abreast of tech trends, adapting messaging accordingly and maintaining a consistent and impactful presence.

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Big Fish PR

Big Fish PR is a distinguished earned media agency that helps tech firms craft strategic narratives and execute impactful media campaigns for innovative and disruptive brands. 

With a focus on B2B, B2B2C, and B2C clients, the agency excels in securing press coverage, building brand awareness, and redefining industries through its award-winning services. 

From putting a new face on established brands to launching new products, Big Fish PR is driven by a commitment to delivering outstanding earned media outcomes that make a lasting impression in public relations.

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts


Team Size: 11-50 Employees

Key Services:

  • Strategic Brand Storytelling: Crafting compelling narratives to build awareness, establish trust, and differentiate brands. 
  • Press Coverage Amplification: Turning up the volume on earned media coverage through strategic media campaigns. 
  • Brand Redefinition: Offering a refreshing take on public relations to redefine and revitalize established brands. 
  • Product Launch Expertise: Specialized services for launching new products, companies, and brands. 
  • Outstanding Outcomes: Driven by big results, focusing on achieving remarkable client outcomes. 
  • Consumer Brand Press Relations: Securing press coverage for consumer brands, including notable clients like Amazon’s Ring and Blink. 
  • Strategic Earned Media Campaigns: Developing and executing strategic media campaigns to elevate brand visibility. 


Why is Earned Media Important for Tech Companies? 

Earned media enhances a tech company’s credibility, visibility, and brand authority. It provides an unbiased third-party endorsement, reaching a wider audience through reputable media outlets. 

How Does Earned Media Differ from Paid Media? 

Earned media is unpaid, gained through organic efforts like media relations, while paid media involves advertising and sponsored content. Earned media is considered more authentic and trustworthy. 

Can Tech Earned Media Agencies Help Startups? 

Absolutely. Technology earned media companies often work with startups to build their visibility, establish thought leadership, and create a positive narrative around their innovative solutions. 

What Makes a Tech Earned Media Campaign Successful? 

Success lies in strategic planning, identifying key messages, cultivating relationships with tech journalists, staying abreast of industry trends, and effectively communicating the tech company’s unique value proposition. 

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Earned Media Efforts? 

The timeline varies, but building strong relationships and securing consistent coverage usually takes several months. Immediate results can occur with well-timed, impactful news or events. 

How Do Tech Earned Media Agencies Measure Success? 

Success is measured through media placements, audience reach, sentiment analysis, and impact on key performance indicators (KPIs) like website traffic and lead generation. 

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Tech earned media strategies are expected to become more blended with other marketing platforms, such as social channels, content marketing, and influencer partnerships, to create cohesive and impactful campaigns. 

Earned media will be crucial in positioning tech brands as authorities in their respective fields. Take the help of the tech earned media agencies to position your technology business as the best in your industry. 

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