Top 7 Crypto Ad Networks In 2024

Last Updated: March 12, 2024
Top Crypto Ad Networks

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Crypto is a rapidly growing industry and, with it, the crypto advertising industry has grown just as quickly. As the number of businesses entering the crypto space continues to grow, the need for reliable crypto ad networks becomes more prevalent.

Cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing industry, and with it, the advertising space has also seen significant growth. As the number of businesses and individuals entering the crypto market increases, so does the demand for effective advertising solutions.

Crypto ad networks have emerged as a powerful tool for businesses and projects in the crypto space to promote their products and services.

In this blog post, we will explore the top crypto ad networks available today and discuss their features, benefits, and how they can help businesses reach their target audience and achieve their advertising goals.

Whether you are a new player in the crypto marketing space or a seasoned veteran, this guide will help you navigate the world of crypto advertising and find the best network for your needs.

What is a Crypto Ad Network?

A Crypto Ad Network is a platform that connects advertisers with websites and other digital properties that are willing to display their ads.

These networks typically focus on the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 industry, and they offer a variety of advertising options such as display ads, pop-ups, native ads, and more.

Advertisers can use these networks to target specific segments of the crypto community, such as users interested in a specific coin or blockchain project.

Crypto Ad Networks also offer different targeting options like geography, language, websites, and device. They help advertisers to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals by providing them with access to a large number of websites and digital properties that have a crypto-related audience.

Additionally, these networks provide the necessary tools for advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns, and make adjustments to optimize the results.

Top Crypto Advertising Networks


Coinzilla Screenshot

Coinzilla is one of the top crypto ad networks for Web3 brands. This Estonia-based company was founded in 2016 and has helped crypto advertisers deliver ads across hundreds of crypto websites.

CoinZilla’s crypto ad network has over 1000 publishers ranging from top-tier publications to little-known publications.

Here are some features and aspects of Coinzilla that made it popular in the crypto niche:

  1. Niche Focus: Since it’s dedicated to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, advertisers targeting this audience can get more relevant placements.
  2. Various Ad Formats: Advertisers can choose from different ad formats like standard banners, floating banners, pop-under ads, etc.
  3. Quality Control: Coinzilla typically maintains standards for the websites in its network to ensure that ads are displayed on reputable platforms.
  4. Performance Analysis: The platform offers detailed analytics to help advertisers measure the performance of their campaigns.
  5. Easy Integration: Publishers (website owners) can integrate Coinzilla’s ad code easily into their websites to start displaying ads.
  6. Payment in Cryptocurrency: Given its niche, it’s not surprising that Coinzilla often supports payments in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

CoinZilla offers a robust reporting dashboard that displays advertising campaign results in near real-time.


  • Display Ads
  • Native Advertising
  • Press Release Distribution

Headquarters: Estonia

Pricing: Contact for Pricing

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Crypto
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer

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Coinscribble Homepage Screenshot

Coinscribble is a top crypto PR distribution network that makes it super quick, easy, and affordable to get guaranteed coverage from top Web3 media sites.

Coinscribble’s platform is extremely popular with Web3 marketers because it allows users to choose pre-selected PR packages or create your own custom package and pick individual media.

Coinscribble has a number of packages and price options and has been used by companies like Tron, Immutable, OKX, Uphold and Gala to get press releases published in places like the following:

  • CoinTelegraph
  • BeInCrypto
  • CryptoDaily
  • NFT Lately
  • Yahoo Finance
  • The Defiant
  • Benzinga
  • MarketWatch
  • CoinMarketCap

Also, Coinscribble’s affiliate program is one of the most profitable affiliate programs in the crypto industry, with many affiliates earning over $100,000 per year.


Headquarters: New York

Pricing: Campaigns starting at $99

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Crypto (USDC and USDT)
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal

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For a walkthrough of Coinscribble, check out this video:

Coinscribble Platform Demo | Jan 2024 Update


Cointraffic Screenshot

Cointraffic is another leading crypto ad network that has been around for nearly half a decade. Cointraffic offers a variety of campaign payment methods including CPM and CPC.

The network provides innovative advertising formats designed to capture the attention of relevant audiences, making it a key player in the crypto advertising network domain.

Cointraffic offers an easy-to-use reporting dashboard that allows marketers to measure the performance of their marketing campaigns.


  • Display Advertising
  • Native Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Press Release Distribution

Headquarters: Estonia

Pricing: Minimum Budget of 20 EUR

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Crypto (Bitcoin)
  • Credit Card

Wondering how crypto ad networks work in general or how CoinZilla ranks against other Web3 advertising networks? This video has you covered:

Top Crypto Ad Networks | Are They Worth It?


CoinAd Screenshot

Coinad is another strong crypto advertising network that is a viable consideration for Web3 marketing teams.

Coinad offers very inexpensive display advertising campaigns that start at just $0.10 CPC or $0.30 CPM. However, we believe, in the world of crypto marketing you get what you pay for and with these low-payment models, you are likely to get low-quality traffic.

That said, they have been used by over 100 crypto marketing teams and, as such, are worthy of mentioning on this list.


  • Display Advertising

Headquarters: Europe

Pricing: Minimum Daily Budget of $5

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Crypto (Bitcoin)
  • Credit Card


A Ads Screenshot

A-ads is known as one of the first crypto marketing networks which launched back in 2011.

Marketers will like the flexibility of the CPM and CPC pricing models offered by A-Ads.

Additionally, marketers may like how transparent A-Ads is with the number of impressions and clicks that are predicted each day based on campaign budgets.

That said, to reach these guarantees, A-Ads seems to use primarily bot traffic.


  • Display Advertising

Headquarters: Russia

Pricing: No Minimum Budget. CPM and CPC Models Available.

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Crypto (Bitcoin)
  • Credit Card


AdToken is also one of the best-performing crypto ad network platforms. Token ads have several ad formats such as banners, popup ads, standard banners, and native banners. It is very simple to use and only supports crypto-related content to be posted on it.

AdToken directly deals with publishers and helps them boost their content gain viewership and promote certain geographies its major traffic comes from Brazil, Poland, Mexico, and Ukraine. AdToken accepts payment in Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

AdToken supports 25 different languages in its interfaces and advertisements.


Bitraffic is a platform that was founded in 2017. They have over 2700 websites to publish an advertiser’s content. They are not new in the industry so over the years they have gained reputation over the years. Advertisers can promote their cryptocurrencies, blockchain, fiat, and Dapps-based projects. 

  • Target Audience: BitTraffic focuses on the cryptocurrency market, aiming to serve advertisers who wish to reach a broad audience interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
  • Services for Advertisers: Advertisers can take advantage of BitTraffic’s platform to run targeted ad campaigns that reach users interested in cryptocurrency. The network offers various ad formats and targeting options to help advertisers connect effectively with their desired audience.
  • Services for Publishers: Publishers with mobile and desktop traffic can monetize their platforms by displaying ads from BitTraffic’s network. This provides an income stream for website owners in the crypto space.
  • Payment Options: BitTraffic supports payments in Bitcoin and altcoins, catering specifically to the financial preferences of the crypto community.
  • Advanced Features: The platform includes a powerful dashboard, advanced analytics for tracking campaign performance, and multiple targeting options. It also incorporates an anti-fraud system with bot detection solutions to ensure the quality of traffic and prevent invalid activities.


AdEx was established to monetize the traffic of the company’s media center Stremio. A substantial amount of time and research has been devoted to this project resulting in pointing the team towards blockchain, as its most effective tech to solve multiple issues. 

Currently, they have shifted towards a new product known as the Ambire wallet.

The AdEx networking system was too old for this generation of fast updates so it was about time for a new product to be released.

The AdEx network will be Ambire AdEx and there will be no changes in features, existing products, business models, etc.


Varinada works on a decentralized and transparent digital ecosystem, varanida aims to remove poorly designed advertising from the web.

Varinada benefits everybody, provides advertisers with ads and they also protect users’ privacy and experience. Varanida allows users to decide which type of advertisement they want to be exposed to. The crypto ad network of Varanida works on the principle of blockchain and provides transparent reports in case of any inconvenience.


Coinzilla vs Coinscribble

When it comes to PR and content placements, Coinscribble is a much better option for crypto advertisers. However, if you are only interested in display ads on crypto websites, Coinzilla is a better fit.

Coinscribble offers faster distribution of content, a wider media network, and is backed by the top crypto marketing agency, Coinbound.

Coinzilla vs Cointraffic

The main factors in comparing Coinzilla and Cointraffic are network reach, costs, and payment types accepted. Coinzilla has a larger network than Cointraffic when it comes to display ad placements. Coinzilla and Cointraffic offer similar rates for their ad placements. Both Coinzilla and Cointraffic are fully focused on crypto ads. Coinzilla offers a more easy-to-use platform than Cointraffic.

Coinzilla vs A-Ads

In our experience, A-Ads brings lower quality audiences than Coinzilla or other crypto ad networks like Coinscribble.

Conclusion: Picking the Best Crypto Ad Network for You

To wrap up, there are certainly a lot of crypto advertising networks to choose from, each with its own pros and cons.

These networks offer a variety of advertising options, including display ads, pop-ups, press release distribution, and native ads, as well as targeting options for different segments of the crypto community.

When it comes down to making a decision, consider the level of distribution offered by each network, how that distribution landscape matches that of your business goals, the amount of budget needed to run a campaign, and how well working with each network would align with your workflow.

Regardless, we are confident all of the crypto ad networks on this list are sure to impress.

Ultimately, the best crypto ad network for your needs will depend on your budget, target audience, and advertising goals. It’s important to do your research and test out different options to find the one that works best for you.

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