How To Advertise Crypto on Reddit | Reddit Cryptocurrency Marketing Guide for 2021

Last Updated: January 14, 2021
Crypto Reddit Advertising Guide

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Since the beginning of the blockchain space, cryptocurrency marketing has been significantly more difficult and less-straightforward than marketing in other industries. Many of the traditional PPC advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram have complex rules that crypto markets need to be aware of before attempting to grow their cryptocurrency company online.

But what about Reddit? Reddit is one of the cryptocurrency communities’ most visited websites online and with the recent launch of Reddit’s more robust self-serve advertising platform, crypto marketers are starting to wonder if there are good opportunities in advertising there.

Here, we’ll break down everything you need to know about advertising cryptocurrency and blockchain companies on Reddit.

Can You Advertise Cryptocurrency on Reddit?

Let’s get the first, obvious question out of the way. “Can I even advertise my crypto company on Reddit?”. The answer is YES!

Reddit has become one of the most friendly advertising platforms for blockchain companies. Last year they even launched their own blockchain wallet within the app called Vault (which we really recommend you set up….it’s pretty awesome).

That said, its safe to say Reddit isn’t adopting the “Crypto = Scam” mindset that adtech platforms like Facebook have adopted (even though they are working on their own crypto….well…that’s a whole nother story).

In fact, Coinbound has been running ads on Reddit for our crypto marketing agency since about September 2020 with great success. Other blockchain companies that we’ve seen advertising on Reddit include BlockFi and HodlTree (sample below)

HodlTree DeFi Crypto Advertising on Reddit
HodlTree Crypto Reddit Ad Example

So, yes. You can advertise crypto on Reddit.

How To Market a Cryptocurrency Company on Reddit

Ok so now let’s talk about how you can advertise crypto on Reddit.

The first step here is setting up a Reddit Ads account.

The process is pretty straight forward. Add information about your company, contact details, and username

Crypto Reddit Ads Screenshot

Once that is complete, you’ll need to verify your email address and attach a credit card for billing.

Crypto Reddit Ads Billing Set up Screenshot

Once finished with those two things you can get started with your first crypto ad campaign. Let’s go!

Best Subreddits for Advertising to Crypto Audiences

Once you’ve created your first crypto Reddit ads campaign you will be given tons of great targeting options. One of which, which is unique to the Reddit platform, is the ability to target specific communities within the crypto space via subreddits. Here are some of the best crypto subreddits on Reddit.

Organic Crypto Reddit Marketing

If paid advertising isn’t what you’re looking for, Reddit is still a fantastic place to grow your blockchain brand. While it is a significantly more time consuming process, organic, growth hacking-style, guerrilla marketing is also possible on Reddit. Here are some things to know:

Understand the Subreddit’s Culture

Every subreddit has a unique culture and set of rules. Spend a good amount of time on each subreddit to understand what the culture is before posting. Violating the rules, whether spoken or unspoken, can get you permanently banned from some subreddits (especially the large crypto subreddits).

Add Value. Don’t Advertise.

No one really likes to be marketed to, and that is especially true on Reddit. The overall Reddit culture is that of a place you go to consume information and interact with others in a clutter-free environment. Advertising isn’t always appreciated. When you are crafting Reddit posts to advertise your cryptocurrency company, be sure the posts add value and are not overly promotional.

Again, violating the unspoken culture of a community can get you downvoted to oblivion or, worse, banned.

Other Places You Can Advertise Crypto Companies

Beyond Reddit there are plenty of channels available for advertising crypto companies. Here are a few:

  • Twitter
  • Forums/4Chan
  • Google Ads
  • Podcasts
  • Influencers
  • Newsletters
  • Publishers


Advertising cryptocurrency products and services on Reddit can be tricky but it is very much possible. If you need guidance or assistance with marketing your brand on Reddit, feel free to reach out to us at Coinbound.

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