Here’s How We Secured 200+ Organic Media Hits for Gala

Last Updated: June 25, 2024

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Why Trust Coinbound Content?

Most people understand the impact strong press coverage can generate.

But when it comes to actually executing a PR campaign the head scratching starts.

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Today, I want to break down how we were able to achieve some really fun growth for Gala, focusing especially on organic coverage.

Before we get into the how, let’s look at some of the key results:

  • 200+ media content pieces secured via only organic means.
  • Multiple NFT collections were sold out across a multi-year period for Gala.
  • Millions of views on the content.
  • Coverage from big players like:
    • Decrypt
    • CoinTelegraph
    • The Los Angeles Times

So what goes into a solid PR agency engagement and how did we lock down these results for Gala?

Step 1: Understanding the business

Maybe this is obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many marketers neglect to spend enough time thoroughly understanding what they are marketing. 

If you’re focusing on something like PPC, you might be able to get away without having a complete understanding of the product, but for PR, you need to be an absolute expert. The media will have questions and successful storytelling requires you to know your stuff.

So, we spent a great deal of time with Gala’s team to understand their many departments, initiatives, and goals. On a deeper level, we brought in technical experts to translate the more complex aspects of Gala’s ecosystem and products so that our non-technical team members could effectively communicate the message to the media and journalists.

Web3 products can be hard to understand, but fortunately, at Coinbound, we’ve built client education into our process.

Step 2: Crafting an amazing story (and recrafting it, too)

Web3, like nearly every other industry, is insanely noisy. Today’s companies are competing with more people than ever when it comes to getting a journalist’s attention.

So we knew we needed to spend some time formulating some key angles for our pitches. 

We looked at things like:

  • What does this journalist regularly write about?
  • What is currently trending in the media?
  • What type of stories does the media seem to have an appetite for now?
  • How could a member of Gala provide added insights on this week’s trending news?

From these questions, we began meticulously crafting a number of angles that we thought would give us the best chance at success.

Fast typing GIF

Step 3: Hitting the Street

A pitch without someone to send it to is just a brand development exercise. Once our pitches were ready, we tapped our network of Web3 and tech media to identify key players who might be interested.

We temperature-checked interest and, when possible, set up meetings to further explain the Gala story. This is a constant, ongoing process. As opportunities came up, we lined up opportunities and knocked them down with tenacity.

Step 4: Coordinating Coverage and Recrafting Our Pitches

This is the fun part.

The journalists loved the story and had follow-up questions for their coverage.

Here, the Coinbound team plays as key spokespeople for Gala, answering important questions and formulating responses with the help of Gala’s internal team.

Once the follow-up process is done, we’re rewarded with our all-time favorite email:

“Hey, I wrote about your client, here’s the link…”

We do a quick happy dance and share the link with Gala.

Rinse and repeat. We do a lot of dancing.

Let’s do it for you.

Wanna see the type of coverage we secured? Check out the case study here.

Wanna chat about how Coinbound might be able to do the same for you? Book a call!

-Ty from Coinbound

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