Best Crypto Social Listening Tools

Last Updated: March 3, 2021
best crypto social listening tools

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Crypto recently experienced another bull market, and that means more and more businesses from traditional industries are now appearing in crypto as well. One of these industries is marketing, where social listening tools will be critical for any competent crypto marketer.

Social listening tools generally show you which companies and brands are talked about the most, ranking them by keywords and engagement. Now with crypto, you can see which tokens are trending, which are on the downswing, and evaluate whether there’s potential in projects you haven’t heard of before.

Best Crypto Social Listening Tools


LunarCrush is by far the most popular crypto social listening tools, and it shows you a wide variety of statistics on which projects and tokens are discussed the most.

It’s separated by coins, exchanges and influencers. The lists are ranked by engagements, popularity, followers and other metrics to show the user which tools are talked about the most.

They also offer some cool proprietary features where you can compare the metrics between two projects, and also see the feeds of top social media influencers and networks. Overall, it’s great if you want a robust crypto social listening tool.


CryptoMood is another popular option that tracks crypto sentiment signals so investors can make better trading decisions. It’s powered by AI and data from 50,000+ sources, and the premium version costs less than $5/month.

The app gives you reports on trending topics in the crypto trading and investing realm, and also serves as a news aggregator. You can also see what other people are trading and the most talked about projects of the day.


Santiment is a social listening tool geared towards traders and investors, and for people who need real-time insight and info on the market and profitability of certain coins.

It has three main service offerings called Sanbase, Sansheets, and SanAPI. Sanbase is the tool that people use to track behaviors and monitor market happenings in real time, while Sansheets is used as a Google plugin and SanAPI is used to connect with other crypto programs.

Conclusion: Best Crypto Social Listening Tools

For now, there are only three solid social listening tools that are fully built out, and LunarCrush is by far the best option of the bunch. But don’t be surprised if more tools are created in the near future as crypto becomes more popular.

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