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Last Updated: May 3, 2023
nft instagram accounts

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Instagram is one of the easiest ways to learn and keep up with NFT news. Since crypto art of non-fungible tokens took off this past year, several accounts on Instagram are dedicated to keeping up with the industry. In this article, we’ll take you through the best accounts. Some focus on news, while others specialize on changes in the technology.

Best NFT Instagram Accounts


The holy grail of NFT handles is a company created by Mark Cuban. This covers news and trends within the industry, and host their own Discord sever for those that want to discuss NFTs. They currently have 224k subscribers, and over 500 posts on the page.


NFT.Magazine is the premier magazine for NFTs and crypto art. They also own the page NFT auction, and feature prominent artists along with their pieces on the page. Some of these pieces are absolutely amazing, and it’s worth taking a look especially if you’re a collector. The page has 117k followers and just over 200 posts at the moment.


NFT_Lately is the Instagram account of NFT Lately, the top NFT newsletter. Their Instagram account is a great place to follow NFT news, drops, and more.


NFT_news is a straightforward account, with a focus on breaking news within the industry. This can include auctions, projects and trading cards that get released and auctioned. Sometimes they run giveaways and contests, so a lucky winner can win NFTs. Currently they have over 43k followers and nearly 2k posts.


NFT.charts is an account focused on covering the market price of NFTs and the influences around it. For example, they’ll report on celebrities like Jay-Z that get into NFTs, along with the financial performance of popular tokens like Rarible. For example, they showed the recent performance of Enjin, which is one of the biggest NFT coins on the market. At the moment, the page has 6.5k followers and 60 posts. If you’re interested in a page that features the financial performance of NFTs, this one is worth checking out.


Rarible is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces in the world, and their account often features some of the best selling pieces from the website. Whether it’s music or art, they have a little bit of everything so this is one account that’s definitely worth checking out for fans. The accounts sits at 104k followers with nearly 200 posts. Because it’s a marketplace, they also have stories of every type of NFT sold on the website.


NFTnext calls itself the highest quality source of NFT information and live insights of current NFTs being released on the blockchain. There’s a ton of great stuff here, ranging from songs to videos, and the page is hosted by an actual artist with NFTs in his name. It has 4.4k followers and nearly 100 posts at the time of this article.


NFT.Promo has over 400k followers and is the #1 page to promote digital art and other pieces. This is a great page if you’re an artist and want to promote your own pieces, of if you’re an NFT company and need a page with a build-in audience.

Wrapping Up: Best NFT Instagram Accounts

These are the best NFT instagram accounts currently. As the industry grows, the list will be updated to reflect the best NFT accounts. Some will remain focused on news, while others on artist promotions and spotlight. Regardless, there’s something for everyone and this is an exciting time to be involved with the space.

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