Coinbound’s Top DeFi YouTube Channels Picks

Last Updated: February 17, 2022
Top DeFi YouTube Channels

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It is a well-known fact that you can find almost anything on the internet. When searching for tutorials or updates on current topics, YouTube has become the go-to platform when it comes to that type of content. What are the accounts you should look out for when you want to learn more about DeFi? This is our list of the Top DeFi YouTube channels and accounts.

Top DeFi YouTube Channels in 2022


Boasting over 600k subscribers, 99Bitcoin translates Bitcoin into plain English. But what does that mean?

The creator of the channel takes on the most difficult DeFi YouTube topics and tries to simplify them so a larger audience can understand. Without dwelling in the world of crypto-related lingo, he can teach his viewers a thing or two about the space. This is a perfect place to start your DeFi education

Aaron Bennette

The previous channel focuses more on the past, explaining fundamental knowledge about Bitcoin, Aaron Benette’s channel is all about the present and the future. He posts his videos often, giving his subscribers constant updates about the DeFi space.

If titles like “My thoughts on WHAT’S HAPPENING with…” or “My thoughts on the BitConnect Lawsuit” seem interesting to you, this will be a channel where you will feel welcome. Aaron is not afraid to speak his mind

DeFi Weekly

With just a little bit less than 7k subscribers, the third spot on our list is reserved for DeFi Weekly. This channel is not currently updated, but it has important videos about the DeFi space.

Aesthetic thumbnails, simple explanations of difficult topics, and in-depth looks into the world of decentralized finance are what makes DeFi Weekly a worthwhile entry on this list. MakerDAO, Stablecoins or minting debt are only a couple of topics that this creator has covered. Explore for yourself

DeFi Dad

The DeFi Dad name is well-known to anyone searching for top Defi YouTube channels for knowledge. If you have not yet stumbled upon any of his content, let us introduce you to him. With a little over 25k subscribers, DeFi Dad is the expert in the current state of things in the decentralized finance world.

He voices his opinions on his YouTube channel, and provides his followers with tutorials on a variety of topics. Staking, debt swapping and saving fees are all video ideas that have been brought to life by this creator.

Benjamin Cowen

The last entry on our list goes to Benjamin Cowen. His channel is dedicated to prognosis, the outlook on the future of the crypto space, and the current happenings in the DeFi world.

With videos published almost daily, no stone is left unturned when it comes to the news section of decentralized finance.

His latest uploads focus largely on Bitcoin and its importance to the whole space, but there are a lot of other interesting videos for you to explore. There is an almost 30-minute long video about yield farming that we recommend you check out!

YouTube is full of free educational videos. It is no wonder that DeFi is also represented in that space. If you can keep up with all of the channels on our list, you will become an expert in that decentralized finance yourself!

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