In Crypto, Content is King

Content is king. If you want attention, you need a show. This is especially true in the cryptocurrency industry.

The blockchain space is still in its infancy. As revolutionary products start to pop up and cryptocurrency economies begin to mature, the consuming public will need to be educated. People need to learn what cryptocurrency truly is, what it’s purposes are, and how it can impact their lives before they consider jumping into the space. Influencer marketing is the best way to ease newbies into cryptocurrency because they can connect with their social media followers directly and on a much more personal level than a TV ad ever could.

Businesses all over the world are becoming more aware of the power of social media marketers. A year ago, it was reported that just over a third of marketers were planning on upping their spending on social media influencers. In 2019, businesses started spending way more on the influencer industry. A recent study by Mediakix determined that influencer spending was up 65% this year. And since it’s so effective, that number will continue to grow. According to that same study, the overwhelming majority of those who deploy the use of influencers think the return is worth the investment.

For startups and entrepreneurs, the best ROI you’ll come across is from an influencer with tons of loyal social media followers. A traditional ad campaign can reach a big audience, but will cost you thousands more. Plus, with a social media influencer, the audience will be addressed in a more personal way by a character they are willingly receptive to. Rather than putting in some guess work and spending on a wide net, businesses can reach a more relevant and targeted audience. It is also worth noting that many channels typically available to advertisers in traditional markets are not available to crypto marketers. This makes crypto influencer marketing even more attractive.

Word of mouth is a great vehicle to spread information. But a megaphone is even better. To reach as many people as possible it’s obvious that you need to tap into the power of influencers. In the cryptosphere, influencers tend to have an even stronger voice. Curious users and potential investors flock to social media influencers for cryptocurrency info because there are so few other places to go.

To speak directly to your targeted crowd is invaluable. The Tomoson marketing group conducted a study that determined influencer marketing campaigns produce outstanding returns. For every dollar invested in influencer marketing, businesses and entrepreneurs enjoyed $6.50 in return.

These outside voices can bring new life and personality to your product or service. People who attract tons of social media followers obviously know how to connect with a large portion of the population. These influencers act as teachers as much as salesmen.

Influencers get clicks and create user engagement at a way higher rate than traditional marketing campaigns. While the total amount of eyes on your product is an important number to look at, getting a user to engage and interact is even more key. Remember, users are voluntarily consuming content from these influencers. They are not invasive forces telling people what to do, wear, eat, or use. The quality of their content draws the eyes of the Internet. And as a marketer, piggybacking on outstanding content is the fastest way to have your product become a household name

As the internet has aged, it’s become the ultimate tool for consumers. In its earliest days it was mostly a gathering place for people with tech interests or fringe ideas. But now, the average person, young and old, checks in on all kinds of sources before making purchases. Around 50% of people rely on product recommendations from social media influencers. And that number promises to grow because young people actually trust influencers more than movie stars and other celebrities that have been casted in commercials.

For a technology born on the internet that aims to be the currency of the internet, it only makes perfect sense to turn to its most influential figures to introduce the world to blockchain.

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