Top 5 Crypto Streamers and Blockchain Influencers on Twitch

Twitch exploded in popularity these past few years, with gaming and streaming taking off as new forms of content creation. It’s also very friendly towards crypto companies, unlike many major social media networks. Many streamers have blockchain and crypto sponsorships, whereas on Facebook and Instagram for example it’s very hard to promote anything crypto-related.

While the platform is mostly for video games, there are several users who trade crypto in real-time, and that’s what this article is about.

We’ll go through a list of 5 Twitch streamers, who either trade crypto in real-time or give investment advice. Regardless, it’s an interesting avenue that will grow a lot in the next few years.

Bitcoin Trading Informant

Bitcoin Trading Informant livestreams his trading on both Twitch and Youtube, where he talks through a lot of his trades and shows you in real-time his exact trades. He also walks you through his mindset so you can get a better understanding of his though process, so you can also trade better.

Crypto Mike

The second one on our list is Crypto Mike. He trades BTC, ETH, XRP and other well known tokens. On his streams he gets 200+ viewers, which is insanely high for a crypto stream. For reference, you only need slightly over 200 viewers to become a certified Twitch partner.

Now that’s not all. He also runs giveaways and other community events for his followers, so be sure to check his channel out.


ColdBloodedShiller might have the best name on this list, and has 2k followers on Twitch and streams twice as week. He averages 1000 views per stream, and has a solid presence on other platforms like Twitter as well. The best part is that he has his own trading group, where interested users can learn more about trading in general.


Tr4ad3r10 streams every day, and takes a very casual approach to interacting with his followers. On average he gets about around 150 viewers, and you can catch him teaching his streamers how to trade, basic advice and other insights on the market.

His goal is to help you trade with long-term profitability, and he runs a Discord community to share info and tips on his trading strategy.


Until1mil streams once a week, and gets about 50-100 viewers per stream. Still, that makes him one of the 5 most watched crypto streams on the platform. In total he’s got just over 1500 followers, and his name is self-explanatory. He won’t stop until he gets to 1 million.

Until1mil is the newest streamer on the list, having just started his channel this past November.

Wrapping Up: Top Twitch Influencers and Crypto Streamers

As you can see, crypto influencers are gaining traction on Twitch. It’s a relatively new area, but the platform goes hand in hand with crypto day-trading. People can see how top influencers trade, learn their mindset, and hopefully improve their own trading to make more money.

While most average 100-200 viewers per stream, we’ve no doubt that those numbers will increase soon. Twitch is a crypto-friendly platform, and many gamers are very in tune with the growing importance of crypto and its technology. Honestly it wouldn’t be surprising for crypto influencers on Twitch to carve out a completely new niche in the next few years.

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