Best Google Ads Agencies For 2024 [With Pricing]

Last Updated: June 3, 2024

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PPC offers an excellent return on investment with an average ROI of 200%. Startups and medium enterprises invest more than 7x in PPC compared to SEO.

If you are looking for a team of PPC specialists to offer best-in-class Google Ads management services, this article is for you.

I have curated a list of the awarded Google Ads companies and services that can increase your return on marketing spend (ROAS) by setting up and optimizing high-converting paid search campaigns. 

These best-in-class Google-certified PPC professionals offer results-driven paid search campaigns for modern-age enterprises.

Why Should You Partner With Leading Google Ads Management Companies

Conversion-focused Google PPC agencies apply the best Google ads strategies to increase your audience reach and improve conversions. 

Here are the top reasons to work with top Google ads management services: 

Intent-Based Keyword Research

Targeting the wrong keywords can drain your PPC budget faster, leading to non-relevant impressions and clicks. Google Ads agencies select keywords based on your campaign goals and objectives. By targeting intent-based keyphrases, you attract qualified audiences to your site, leading to higher conversions. 

Complete Ad Setup and Management

Launching Google Ads campaigns requires selecting your goals, choosing your target audience, uploading your ad creatives, and bidding on the right keywords. Google PPC ads agencies finalize and launch your campaigns quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about optimizing your pay-per-click campaigns for online conversions; certified Adwords professionals will do this for you. 

Well-structured ad Copy and creative creation 

Creative and well-written ad copies lead to more CTR and conversions. It also helps to highlight your brand USP to defeat your competitors. Google Adwords companies know how to produce high-ROI ad copies that appeal to emotions to help you reach your ideal customer persona (ICP) efficiently. With a team of designers and creative copywriters for Google Ads, they manage both Google Search and Display Ad campaigns to accomplish your campaign objectives.

Efficient Bid Management

You should plan a bid strategy based on your campaign goals. Top-rated Adwords agencies leverage Smart Bidding, which uses Google AI to auto-bid on keywords to generate higher conversions. Specialist PPC professionals capitalize on different bid management tactics like Target cost per action (CPA), Target return on ad spend (ROAS), Enhanced cost per click (ECPC), and others to get the best leads and returns. 

Industry Expertise 

Google frequently updates its algorithms, policies, features, and dashboard elements. With so much happening quickly, it is challenging for you to note every change and apply it to your Google Ad campaigns regularly. PPC management agencies for Google Ads are well aware of these changes, and they regularly optimize your campaigns so that you don’t miss any important changes.

Google Ads strategies and trends change often. Some prominent Google Ads trends for 2024 are semi-autonomous ad creation, Performance Max (PMAX) campaign, AI-powered audience segmentation, etc. Expert PPC management services are always on top of the Google Ads trends so your campaigns stay optimized and future-focused. 

Tailored and Results-Driven PPC Campaign Strategies

It’s not just about launching your campaign; you must constantly monitor and optimize your Google Ads campaigns to fetch the best results. Performance-oriented Google Ads agencies use campaign-specific strategies to get the best returns on your online advertising efforts. From including ad extensions to designing mobile-first landing pages, they apply top-notch tactics to improve your brand presence.

Most-Promising Google Ads Companies For 2024

Here are the top-notch Google Ads services to accelerate your ROI:


Coinbound Homepage Screenshot

Coinbound is an award-winning Google Ads marketing agency for crypto and Web3 brands that applies proven and scalable pay-per-click advertising methods to help you acquire more inorganic leads. 

We have a team of PPC experts who set up and evaluate your ads performance against predefined KPIs to outperform your competitor’s Adwords marketing strategies. 

We are one of the leading NFT Google Ads and Web3 PPC Management firms to propel your business growth.  

Founded: 2018

Location: New York

Team Size: 51-200

Key Services:

  • Keyword Research
  • Strategy Planning
  • Ad Setup
  • Product Feed Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Ad Rank Optimization
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Reporting 

Case Studies: Have a look at our client success stories.  

Why Choose Us?

  • Coinbound is a data-driven PPC marketing firm that crafts and implements goal-oriented Google PPC ad campaigns to ensure faster results and improved lead generation.
  • We have proven expertise in managing Adwords campaigns for small and big audiences. From search network campaigns to dynamic search ads and display network campaigns, our ad experts create the right type of campaign to meet your ad objectives.

Pricing: Contact us for custom pricing 


Tuff is a reliable Google Ads marketing agency for ambitious and growth-focused brands. They apply honest practices and don’t hesitate to experiment with your campaigns to bring you extraordinary results.

Their PPC ads specialists use Google Ads automation techniques and different attribution models using Google Analytics 4 to drive better strategic decisions. 

Founded: 2006

Location: Eagle, Colorado

Team Size: 11-50 

Key Services:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ad Copy Development
  • Performance Max Campaign Management
  • YouTube Ads Campaign Management
  • Ad Rank and Quality Score Improvement
  • Retargeting 
  • A/B Testing
  • Reporting and Optimization

Case Studies: Read their high-impact case studies

Why Choose Them?

  • They apply the leading account-based marketing principles to reduce customer acquisition costs and build an inbound sales pipeline to increase your CRV and MQLs.
  • Their team of experts uses a full-funnel, audience-first approach and applies the right Google Ads marketing mix to create your unique path to growth.

Pricing: $150- $199/ hr


OuterBox is one of the leading Google Ads agencies to help you increase conversions and eliminate waste spend. They are a premier Google Partner agency with 20 years of paid search experience.

Their in-house ads management team and world-class copywriters and designers let you design mind-blowing ad creatives and copies to achieve the highest conversion rate possible.

Founded: 2004

Location: Akron, OH

Team Size: 51-200

Key Services:

  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Ads campaign set up
  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Ad Variation and Testing
  • Conversion Tracking and ROI Analysis

Case Studies: Read their SEM case studies

Why Choose Them?

  • OutherBox monitors your search network advertising progress and regularly optimizes bids, ad copies, display creatives, and keywords to acquire qualified traffic.
  • They provide a detailed PPC strategy blueprint that lets you uncover your biggest growth obstacles. With a comprehensive solution-focused Google Ads plan, you can grow your sales and leads month-over-month.

Pricing: $150 – $199 / hr


WebFX is one of the best-rated Google Ads agencies to help you increase year-over-year Google Ads conversions. From campaign development and strategy to copywriting and testing, they manage the overall aspects of PPC campaign management for closed-loop ROI reporting.

Their ad experts work to lower cost per acquisition (CPA) and reach qualified users through programmatic advertising and intelligent data-driven automation.

Founded: 1996

Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Team Size: 201-500

Key Services

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Setup and Management
  • Banner Ad Design
  • International Campaign Management
  • Landing Page Design 
  • Remarketing and Retargeting Campaigns 
  • Google Shopping Campaigns 
  • Display Advertising Management 
  • Ad Conversion Rate Optimization

Case Studies: Read their digital marketing case studies

Why Choose Them?

  • WebFX is one of the largest digital marketing agencies offering tech-enabled PPC marketing solutions. 
  • Their team has award-winning paid media marketers, creative designers, and ad copywriters to create revenue-generating digital advertising campaigns.

Pricing: $100 – $149 / hr


Thrive is one of the finest Google Ads agencies that lets you grow your monetization potential by crafting value-driven and UX-friendly search and display advertising campaigns.

Their certified Google Ads specialists help you drive real results while lowering your cost per lead and increasing pay-per-click ad conversions.

Founded: 2005

Location: Dallas, Texas

Team Size: 51-200

Key Services:

  • Keyword Research and Planning
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Competitor Campaign Analysis
  • Campaign Setup
  • Bid and Budget Management
  • Intelligent Ad Placement 
  • Ad Retargeting
  • Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Case Studies: Read their case studies

Why Choose Them?

  • Thrive has been operating in the digital marketing for over a decade. They know how to create smart advertisement campaigns using Google Ad Manager. 
  • They offer granular ad targeting for specific audience cohorts and ideal buyer personas. Their team also creates custom targeting based on interest-based parameters, operating systems, demographics, geographic locations, and other variables.

Pricing: $100 – $149 / hr


Searchbloom is an ROI-focused Google Ads management service with a skilled team of qualified PPC professionals. They produce well-crafted Google Ads account campaigns to ensure your ads attract the right web and mobile traffic.

Their experts craft a customized strategy after performing thorough intent-based keyword research and competitor keyword gap analysis to keep your business running and growing.

Founded: 2014

Location: Draper, Utah

Team Size: 11-50

Key Services:

  • Audit and Research
  • Campaign Creation 
  • Complete Google Ads Management
  • ROI Tracking and Monthly Reporting

Case Studies: Read their case studies

Why Choose Them?

  • Their search engine marketing services are tailored to meet your unique growth goals. They can create new campaigns or manage your existing Google Ad account to increase brand visibility and boost online sales.
  • Searchbloom’s team of seasoned professionals and ad account managers offers ongoing campaign optimization to help you achieve greater results and more conversions. 

Pricing: $100 – $149 / hr


KlientBoost is a full-service Google Ads agency that helps you create exceptional ad copies and powerful template designs. Their digital marketing experts and PPC account managers leverage data and creativity to dominate your online advertising.

From creating custom YouTube audiences to preparing a remarketing list for search ads, their PPC campaign managers take care of everything required to grow your sales as quickly as possible.

Founded: 2015

Location: Costa, California

Team Size: 51-200

Key Services:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competition Research
  • Ongoing Google Ads Management
  • Google Ads Audit and Setup
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Budget and Bid Management
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Case Studies: Read their client case studies

Why Choose Them?

  • Their Google Ads consulting services combine data and creativity to gain customer leads and lifetime value. 
  • KlientBoost performs the best experiments to get results from your campaigns to eliminate ad wastage and increase overall ROAS and MRR.

Pricing: $100 – $149 / hr


What Google Ads services do PPC agencies offer?

Google Ads companies offer the following services:

  • Keyword research and planning 
  • Custom strategy development 
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Google Analytics 4 integration 
  • Strategic bid management 
  • Lead and Call tracking
  • Ad copy optimization

How does Google Ad Manager work?

Google Ad Manager (GAM) is a real-time ad buying and selling marketplace where publishers can create growth-focused and data-backed advertising campaigns. You can also manage your inventory and get a report on how your campaigns perform. 

How do you know your Google Ads campaigns are successful? 

Some of the top metrics to measure the success of your Google Ads accounts:

  • Click-through rate (CTR) 
  • Cost per click (CPC) 
  • Conversion rate
  • Quality score
  • Return on investment (ROI)

What questions do you ask your Google Ads management agency before you work with them?

  • What is your process for campaign structuring and ad group organization? 
  • Can you explain your approach to keyword match types and negative keyword implementation? 
  • How do you set up and manage ad extensions to improve ad visibility and performance? 
  • What bidding strategies do you use, and how do you determine the optimal keyword bid? 
  • How do you leverage audience targeting and remarketing in Google Ads campaigns? 
  • Can you provide insights into your ad copy testing methodology and best practices? 
  • How do you approach campaign optimization based on performance data and trends? 
  • Can you explain your process for diagnosing and troubleshooting issues in Google Ads campaigns? 
  • How are you updated with Google Ads’ best practices and algorithm changes? 
  • What reporting metrics do you prioritize, and how do you customize client reports? 
  • Can you explain your experience with Google Ads API integration and advanced campaign management techniques? 
  • How are you informed about industry trends and advancements in Google Ads features and functionalities? 
  • What is your process for identifying and targeting relevant audiences for Google Ads campaigns? 
  • How do you handle multi-channel attribution and integration with other marketing channels for holistic campaign measurement?

How to Hire a Google Ads Agency?

If you want to outperform your competition, choose a data-driven agency that follows a systematic process for managing Google campaigns. 

Here are some of the tips to follow before signing a contract with any Google Ads management firm:

  • Campaign Strategy Planning: Top-rated Google Ads companies should map a results-driven campaign strategy consisting of effective bid strategies, auto-targeting, dynamic remarketing, and ongoing optimizations to grow your business.
  • Case Studies: You should carefully evaluate the different PPC case studies to understand the tactics and tools they have used to identify and fix different sales funnel bottlenecks. 
  • Industry Experience: Every PPC company has a specialization. Some are SaaS-focused, while others are more useful for healthcare marketing. Depending on your industry, you should join hands with a company with relevant expertise in your target industry.
  • Pricing: PPC pricing packages play a crucial role in determining the success of any campaign. You should avoid cheap Google Ads agencies since they are not useful. Instead, hire affordable PPC companies that provide clear, honest pricing without hidden costs.

Why Choose Coinbound As Your Google Ads Agency 

Coinbound is a results-driven Web3 Google PPC company following a proven model to lower campaign costs and grow your ROAS.

Our Google Adwords management company has a team of Google ads campaign managers, copywriters, landing page developers, banner designers, and analysts to create and manage multi-location search and display campaigns. 

We begin by conducting market research and performing detailed campaign audits to identify bottlenecks and reasons for low performance. Our team then fixes the potential issues to upgrade your Google ad account’s performance. 

We are your go-to experts for exceptional digital advertising services that provide solution-driven Google Ads results.  

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