How to Raise Funds in Web3 | Full Checklist

Having access to funds at an early stage means you can foster new talent and encourage new adoption

Raising significant funds to get your Web3 startup up and running can be time-consuming and require much effort. But luckily, there are many ways to make the process easier. 

Keep reading to learn about the best tried-and-tested methods for attracting capital much needed for boosting your Web3 project to higher heights. 

Note: Ensure your project is marketed the best way possible before reaching out to potential investors. 

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Self and Personal Investing 

Many startups invest their own money to kick-start their startup before reaching out to venture capitalists (VCs) and angel investors to help raise capital. 

Investing in your product shows that you have trust and confidence in your product, which may appeal to potential external investors. In addition, it shows that you are willing to take financial risks for your project to get it off the ground. 

Believe it or not, investors don’t need to be NFT or crypto enthusiasts to invest in your Web3 company. There’s no harm in asking your friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues for investment help. Pitch your idea to them. You may receive some valuable feedback to help reach a larger audience. 

Funding from Web3 Enthusiasts 

Web3 is a great place to make community relationships. Don’t overlook your personal network as potential investors, including your buddies on your favorite Discord or whom you speak to the most on Twitter regarding crypto-related shenanigans. 

Funding is popular among the Web3 community. Crypto enthusiasts are a vital source of non-repayable funds. There is no need to give up a chunk of company equity when accepting a grant. Instead, web3 enthusiasts and investors typically want to see you do well and reap the benefits. 

Moreover, many large Web3 industries offer grants to startups, provided they use its tech. For instance, blockchain networks like Solana, Ethereum, and Cardona can provide you with substantial funding. 

Many Web3 investors see a promising future in the space and want to help push for innovation. 

However, be sure to always read the fine print before the signing of any contract. 

Crowdfunding for Blockchain Initiatives 

Despite crowdfunding being a familiar concept for many, it works differently for those wanting to raise money in the Web3 sphere. Instead, crowdfunding for Web3 projects takes place on blockchain networks.

Many decentralized crowdfunding platforms help raise money from the wider Web3 community, including Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Note: Be sure to do extensive research regarding the best ways for funding sources to help boost your startup before approaching potential investors. Create and market your brand before pitching. 

Web3 Accelerators and Incubators 

Web3 accelerators and incubators are typically designed to help startups grow by providing knowledge, training, and ideas. Although they may not always offer you funding, they will help you prepare for your fundraising and advise you on the best steps in the future through having an extensive array of experience. 

Accelerators and incubators are extremely useful if you want to confidently develop the skills to pitch your startup to potential investors. 

Accelerators and incubators can cater to numerous types of sectors, so make sure you find one with the know-how of Web3. The industry works a lot differently from many others. 

Conclusion – Exploring the Above Resources and More

When seeking funding sources, it’s vital to test and try all the above strategies – reaching out to your family, friendship circle, accredited investors, and accelerators to boost your capital. 

Moreover, starting small and working your way up is essential, so you can build a strong team as time goes on and offer valuable incentives. As you raise more money, you can give out better rewards. Having access to funds at an early stage also means you can foster new talent and encourage new adoption. 

Not forgetting, Web3 focuses highly on community. Therefore, depending on how much of a say you want in your project, DAOs for early-stage support may be a wise choice. 
Whatever route you decide to take, we at Coinbound can assist you in making the most suitable business decisions to help you market your Web3 business to increase the likelihood of funding.

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