How to Sell NFT on Sweet? | Getting Started Guide

The latest non-fungible token marketplace, Sweet, allows for flexible NFT distribution, which means its users can share, sell, gift, auction bundle, integrate, gamify, and drop their NFTs anywhere they want.

Sweet is a great platform to offer its followers special and limited edition digital merch to increase fan engagement, drive new revenue, and raise charity funds. 

The platform supports multiple blockchains, including the Ethereum ERC721 standard on Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon, the SLP standard for NFTs, and the Tezos standard for NFTs, with more coming soon.

Besides being an NFT Marketplace, Sweet Mobile App also serves as a blockchain wallet for a user to manage their digital collectibles but not general cryptos like Bitcoin. The NFT-focused wallet displays all of the user’s collectibles and checks their authenticity.

Getting Started 

To get started on Sweet, a user can go to the official website and download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. For now, a user can only create single accounts. In fact, anyone suspected of owning multiple Sweet accounts is subject to account suspension or termination due to its link to potential use for fraudulent behavior.

Now, when looking for NFTs on Sweet, users can start searching for them on the mobile app or web platform. For this, click into the search field, and based on what information you put in, a user will get the result through which they can look for the one that attracts their attention. 

Another option is to search by clicking on the Featured/Auctions/Fixed Price buttons or, better yet, tap “See All” in a given category to explore the collections of NFTs from our favorite and featured artists.

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Explore the World of NFTs

Once a user finds an NFT that they like, they can purchase it at a fixed price or bid on an auction. However, the latter option is not available on Sweet’s mobile app. 

To purchase the NFT at a fixed price, tap the “Store” or “Sets” tab on the menu, then tap the NFT that a user would like to purchase and click “Collect This Card.” Once they have reviewed the buy options, they can click on the slider to complete the purchase. Confirming the transaction will result in them owning a new NFT. 

The great thing about using the Sweet platform is its “set bonus” feature. It is a reward for collecting a complete set of items and can be obtained by either buying the full set of a collection on the Sweet app or completing a collection through trade, purchase, or winning auctions.

This applies to collections with a certain number of items that must be collected. For example, The “Western Collection” has five items: Belt Buckle, Cowboy Hat, Six-Shooter Hand Cannon, Double-Barreled Shotgun, and Cowboy Boots. 

If a user wants to transfer the NFT outside the Sweet marketplace to an external wallet, they can open the relevant NFT, tap the three-dot menu, and click on Send to Private Address. Then enter the wallet address and confirm the transfer.

But know that, at the time, Sweet does not support the transfer of NFTs back into the Sweet wallet. With many Sweet NFTs having specific utilities assigned to them, it is possible these utilities may be lost if the token is transferred to an external wallet. 

Selling NFT Collection

Now, if a user wants to trade or sell NFT on Sweet, how can they do it? Well, it’s pretty easy. First, access the digital collectibles collection by logging in to the wallet. Then accessing the “Wallet” will allow them to view all their digital collectibles.

Trading an NFT on Sweet involves tapping on the “Trade on Sweet” option and then choosing what they would like to trade it for.

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After clicking on “Request Trade,” the trade request will be submitted to all owners of the NFT, and the user will be notified if their trade is accepted. And if not accepted within 24 hours, the trade request will expire. 

As for selling the NFT on Sweet via an auction, a user must start by clicking Sell on Sweet and then continue before entering the Tezos Wallet address. 

Now, choose auction as the method for sale. Once they are done reviewing the information regarding listing fees and potential royalties, press Continue. Set the starting bid for the auction, then review all the costs again. Pressing ‘agree and continue’ will take them to the part where they have to set the length of time they would like their auction to run. Completing this will make their auction live and running.

Check on the auctions regularly to not miss a sweet offer. Don’t forget to share it with family, friends, and fans to boost engagement and potential offers.

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