ICO Digital Marketing Basics

Last Updated: July 10, 2020

Marketing a blockchain project brings about challenges not faced by other industries. Within the niche world of ICO and blockchain marketing, some of the standard rules of marketing apply, but many do not.

With that in mind, today, we will look at some of the traditional marketing avenues that work for blockchain-based projects. Furthermore, cryptocurrency specific marketing outlets now exist. These niche-specific web-based communities offer access to communities similar to the crypto market on Reddit.

With that said, let us dive in and take a more in-depth look.

Traditional Marketing Avenues 

News outlets, email marketing, and event marketing are a few cornerstones to the traditional marketing world. With regard to traditional media, many of the platforms that operate in the space today offer readers a cryptocurrency section. Publications now allow cryptocurrency projects to advertise on their sites.

Although these outlets can be a tough fit for ICO marketing due to their broad audience or cost too much for an ad campaign inside a cryptocurrency specific publication. That being said, there are digital news outlets. For example, the Forbes crypto market coverage has increased over time, showing the power of traditional media outlets. All and all showing old and new types of digital media can work wonders for ICO marketing.

Another common traditional marketing avenue comes from email marketing. When working on your ICO marketing plan, be sure to include a plan to engage your customer base regularly with updates, specials, and other important information to remain relevant. Email marketing remains one of the most effective types of marketing due to the more personal nature of email. 

Furthermore, do not forget to take advantage of event marketing. Within the world of ICO marketing, this can be one of the most effective avenues to connect with the right audience for your brand. With that in mind, many events can be expensive to sponsor, but they often provide a fantastic amount of exposure, specifically to the niche audience within the cryptocurrency sector. To that point, the event can also bring a form of legitimacy to your company and proving legitimacy within the altcoin market offers its unique value.

Establish Community – Telegram, Medium, & Social Media

Within the ICO world, social media outlets offer a powerful way to connect with some of the most passionate cryptocurrency enthusiasts! Early adopters to your project can be an effective way to establish your brand as a key company in your specific niche. With this in mind, social media platforms such as Telegram, Medium, Steemit, and Reddit can bring a wealth of new interest within the ICO market.

Due to the nature of these digital platforms, brands are empowered more than ever to connect directly with consumers and potential customers regularly. With this in mind, social media offers a blockchain marketing opportunity where a brand can find and build rapport with their customer base.

ICO Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has boomed over the last decade. With platforms like YouTube and Instagram connecting audiences across the globe, influencers offer a way for cryptocurrency and ICO marketing efforts to increase their exposure. Influencer marketing brings brands closer to audiences in the digital age, where more time is spent on YouTube and other social platforms than ever before in history. With this in mind, Coinbound offers an array of blockchain and ICO influencer solutions to help make navigating the often tricky path of contacting and coordinating with these creative influencers.

ICO Specific Channels

Remember to take advantage of ICO calendars, Token Listings, and other cryptocurrency niche websites that offer brands access to consumers already interested in similar technologies. Other advertising locations online, such as the extremely popular CoinMarketCap.com can bring potential customers into direct contact with your brand. Since these websites will have an above-average amount of cryptocurrency interested traffic, it makes for a perfect advertising avenue for emerging ICO or blockchain-related projects.

In closing, remember Coinbound is here to help with all of your ICO and blockchain marketing needs. Learn more online at Coinbound.io.

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