Impact Influencers: The Top Social Media Figures in the Cryptocurrency Space

In the growing cryptocurrency space, most people seek a reliable and trusted source to inform them. A familiar face on social media can go along way in spreading vital and educational material to a curious audience. Here are some of the best of the best to follow.

Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos is a great advocate for the blockchain space. He is most interested in teaching the public about Bitcoin’s basics and showing the world just how powerful blockchain can be. He has about a half a million crypto-hungry followers on Twitter and has the cache to reach outside of the sector. He’s appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and has been featured by popular media outlets like Vice and NBC. Antonopoulos is one of the most influential figures in the blockchain biz. He’s undoubtedly responsible for thousands of people being introduced to cryptocurrency in an informative and educational way.  

Andreas Antonopoulos on Twitter

Jameson Lopp

Jameson Lopp is a lover of decentralization. He speaks to Bitcoin newbies as well veterans and relates the cryptocurrency space to various topics outside of finance such as philosophy, politics. He also offers a comprehensive guide to the cryptocurrency world.  At you’ll find everything you need to know about Bitcoin to get started. But you’ll also learn how blockchain world and what the social implications of this groundbreaking technology will be.

Jameson Lopp on Twitter

Trace Mayer

Trace Mayer is a professional investor who made his millions dealing in gold and other traditional assets way before the Bitcoin boom. But in 2011 he became one of the first people in the traditional finance sector to start recommending Bitcoin as an investment. One BTC was worth only 25 cents at the time. He once compared Bitcoin to the honey badger, invoking the classic meme. According to the graphic shared by Mayer, Bitcoin, just like the honey badger, “don’t care.”

Trace Mayer on Twitter

Randall aka @randallsanimals

Speaking of honey badgers. The man behind the classic video is a crypto fan himself. Randall or @randallsanimals on Twitter has nearly a quarter million followers and consistently pulls in millions of views. Randall often speaks out against censorship and praises the potential of decentralization.

@randallsanimals on Twitter

Max Keiser

Max Keiser thinks Bitcoin will change the world. He started telling everyone when Bitcoin was only 3 bucks. He’s known to make bold statements regarding the price of Bitcoin and where it’s going in the future. Back when hardly anyone even heard of Bitcoin, Keiser predicted BTC would eventually climb into the 6 digit range. He has steadfastly stood by his claim and is constantly laughing off anyone who calls Bitcoin a poor investment.

Max Keiser on Twitter

Ian Balina

Ian Balina used to work for IBM’s analytics department. When he heard about Bitcoin and the potential of blockchain technology, he left his job at IBM to dive headfirst and full time into crypto. He’s appeared on CNBC and was featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Street, and Forbes Magazine. With about 150k Twitter followers, Balina reaches crypto loyalists as well as those outside the crypto sector.

Ian Balina on Twitter

David Gokhshtein

David Gokhshtein is an investor, entrepreneur, and proponent of the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. The Brooklyn crypto advocate provides informative crypto tweets and gives valuable insights to the markets. His magazine features the heavy hitters of blockchain and is attracting the eyes of the cryptocurrency world. He’s connected to a lot of notable people in the blockchain space and is using his social collateral to build a media network packed with reliable information on cryptocurrency investing.

David Gokhshtein on Twitter

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