Best Inbound Marketing Tools for Attracting and Converting Customers

February 19, 2022
Top Inbound Marketing Tools

A successful inbound marketing strategy can make your business incredibly strong. Today, there are so many great tools that allow marketers to attract new business. Below are some of the best inbound marketing tools for attracting and converting customers.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the process of attracting clients to your business rather than directly selling to them. A successful inbound marketing strategy requires a strong understanding of customer personas as well as tools to reach them.

The most common types of inbound marketing include SEO, social media, and content marketing.

Inbound marketing is different from outbound marketing in that outbound marketing works towards contacting clients who are not actively looking for your solution.

Top Inbound Marketing Tools

Google Analytics

When it comes to monitoring and tracking the success of your inbound marketing, Google Analytics is a must. Google Analytics is a free tool that makes tracking your website traffic incredibly easy.


While Hotjar does a great job of allowing you to visualize your web traffics’ journey on your website. Hotjar creates heatmaps that show where your site visitors are clicking and allows you to better optimize your site.


SEO can be a huge component for inbound marketing and Ahrefs makes SEO a lot easier. Ahrefs is best used for identifying keyword opportunities that can later be used in your inbound marketing strategy.


In the SEO world, Ahrefs and SEMRush are the biggest tools. The difference between Ahrefs and SEMRush is largely negligible so the inbound SEO tool you use is largely up to your own preference. Regardless, SEMRush enables you to use tons of data to make informed decisions on your inbound SEO strategy.


Hubspot is one of the best CRMs for inbound marketing. It is designed to handle, manage, and track all interactions with your customers and has both a free and paid version. Coinbound, one of the leading marketing agencies, uses Hubspot to track its clients.


Drift is one of the easiest solutions for adding a chatbot to your website. Drift is easy to install and gives your inbound leads a very convenient way to speak with your team, qualify themselves, and get more information.


Typeform is a great tool for capturing information from inbound leads effectively. Typeform is a very advanced form tool that allows you to create beautiful forms that clients love to interact with. Typeform forms can be embedded directly on your website, blog posts, and more and track responses in an easy-to-use dashboard.


Inbound marketing often requires producing a great deal of content. Grammarly makes it easy to ensure your content is free of typos and mistakes. Grammarly is available as a chrome extension, making it an easy and free add-on to your inbound marketing tool kit.


Mailchimp is the leader when it comes to managing your email marketing strategy. Mailchimp makes it very easy to put together and send beautiful emails to your inbound leads and customers.


OneSignal is an easy and free way to send push notifications to your site visitors. Automation can easily be added in to send push notifications are set intervals like when a user hasn’t been to your website for a certain period of time so that they can be automatically reengaged.


Using the right inbound marketing tools can make your business incredibly successful if done correctly. Using a blend of the tools outlined above, we feel you are preparing yourself for success.

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