LinkedIn Tests In-Stream AI Learning Elements

Last Updated: December 27, 2023
LinkedIn Tests In-Stream AI Learning Elements

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It seems that LinkedIn has no plans of slowing down when it comes to adding more generative AI elements. The recent development revolves around the platform making additions to its educational tools as a part of an expansion of LinkedIn Learning.

Quick Take 

  • LinkedIn’s push for Professional Certificates offers an additional qualification avenue.
  • Learning is considered the core of LinkedIn’s ambition of becoming a go-to hub for career education and progression.
  • Streamlined processes aim to assist the masses in highlighting their skills and qualifications efficiently.
  • These advancements might aid individuals in pursuing desired roles.

LinkedIn is experimenting with a new coaching element that is bound to use generative AI to guide an individual’s learning journey based on precise queries related to their career stage.

Let’s suppose an individual seeks to improve their delegation skills, the system would offer them a series of tips. Moreover, it will redirect them to the appropriate courses to help them with their queries.

LinkedIn Learning’s Personal Patch to Success 

All responses are based on LinkedIn’s learning library database, and the tool then provides feedback, examples, advice, and much more depending on an individual’s position. 

At the same time, the platform is looking forward to adding additional learning modules to make it easier for the participants to undertake these courses in their free time.  

LinkedIn clarified that the masses would be able to view the courses from instructors and experts without any disruptions. Moreover, the platform said that they have integrated a quick knowledge check to assess an individual’s progress and streaks to help them stay motivated.

Furthermore, LinkedIn is setting the stage to help users prepare for their ideal next role via the provision of learning course recommendations based on job preferences. Setting up job alerts would result in the automatic recommendation of learning courses coupled with professional certificate offerings to build the skills needed for that role.

The platform stated,

“When you set a job alert, in addition to being notified about open jobs, we’ll recommend learning courses and Professional Certificate offerings to help you build the skills needed for that role. When you view a job, we recommend specific courses to help you build the required skills. If you have LinkedIn Learning access through your company or as part of a Premium subscription, you can follow the skills for the job, that way we can let you know when we launch new courses for those skills and recommend you content on LinkedIn that better aligns to your career goals.”

Empowering Careers Through Expansion 

Following the recent developments, LinkedIn is planning to expand its existing Professional Certificates. The expansion would provide another qualification option for members. 

Similarly, the platform has made a few changes by adding new testing tools for coding. It enables the masses to improve their skills with a more hands-on approach to training.  

LinkedIn has established learning as a key focus as a part of its broader mission to become a hub of career education and advancement. A more integrated flow would enable numerous

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