Microsoft Launches Monetize Insights to Help Publishers

Last Updated: December 2, 2023
Microsoft Launches Monetize Insights to Help Publishers

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Microsoft has announced the launch of its newest analytics dashboard, dubbed Monetize Insights. This dashboard aims to play a major role in helping publishers monitor and optimize their advertising revenue streams more efficiently.

Quick Take

  • Monetize Insights is all set to revolutionize ad revenue optimization for publishers.
  • The new dashboard offers publishers access to real-time data, which would help them make informed decisions.
  • The Total Revenue and the Bill Rejection tabs offer state-of-the-art transparency and allow easy performance tracking.

The dashboard was made available on a global level within Microsoft’s supply-side platform, Monetize, not too long after the announcement. Moreover, the immediate response of consumers is mostly positive about the dashboard’s new outlook.

All publishers harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft’s Monetize to sell both owned and operated inventory can use Monetize Insights to analyze their existing ad performance revenues.

Monetize Insights by Microsoft – Features and Advantages

Microsoft revealed a list of new perks and features following the announcement of its newest analytics platform. It was highlighted that the dashboard would offer publishers revamped intelligence and performance capabilities.

These features include graphs and comparison charts for a swift view of their performance. Similarly, the dashboard would also make it easier for the publishers to filter data and dig deep into the specifics revolving around various metrics that include revenue drivers, inventory, continuous changes over time, etc.

Much to the joy of publishers, it is now possible for them to quickly grasp new trends to maximize opportunities and yields and also identify any potential issues. The innovative analytics hub does not only save time but also streamlines publishers’ workflows.

The Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, Christopher Walmsley, highlighted that user-friendly analytics are crucial in helping publishers identify and resolve issues and ensuring that revenue is not simply left on the table. 

At the same time, it was mentioned how Monetize Insights would allow publishers to easily monitor monetization metrics, acting as an efficient marketing analytic tool. The two main elements of the new analytics dashboard include the Total Revenue and Bill Rejection tabs.

The Total Revenue tab is responsible for simplifying the process of business performance tracking across numerous channels, buyers, and much more. Similarly, publishers can also view trends in revenue, fill rates, impressions, and more.

The founder and president of Gourmet Ads, Benjamin Christie, said:

“The Total Revenue tab has been indispensable in simplifying how we track and dissect our business performance, revealing trends across channels, buyers, and brands with ease. For us, it’s become an essential dashboard that saves time and enhances our strategic analysis, proving invaluable in our day-to-day operations.”

Moreover, the Bill Rejection tab offers transparency into blocks that impact revenue. Some of these include price floors, demand issues, and quality settings. This will help publishers understand the monetary effect of their inventory settings and encourage them to adjust in hopes of attaining considerable revenue.

Can Monetize Insights Change the Game for Publishers?

If you are a publisher, you must remember that having clear visibility of your performance data is an essential element for making smart decisions. Therefore, Monetize Insights has a lot of potential in this regard.

Following the launch of Monetize Insights, Microsoft Advertising has promised to offer an all-in-one analytics hub to monitor and understand the elements that might drive your revenue.

Microsoft designed the dashboard in consideration of the goal of streamlining the publisher’s workflows. The guided navigation and configurable metrics would eventually save time configuring dashboards or manually running reporting.

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