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Last Updated: February 17, 2022
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Tom Brady, Elon Musk and Mark Cuban have all either talked about or started NFT related businesses in the past few months. The digital art trend is here to stay, which means more and more people will start businesses around the niche. These guys need experts to educate them on industry best practices, and give insights on best strategies to grow their brand. That means there are a number of NFT minting agencies that can help. Creating an NFT is not only confusing, but can be very difficult depending on what kind it is and what marketplace you want to sell it on. So an NFT Minting agency is perfect for artists that don’t have great knowledge on the industry.

Here are the top NFT minting firms, in no particular order:


Coinbound is a full-service NFT minting agency. The company specializes in NFT growth and minting, but also provides insights on go-to market strategy, branding and many other important business decisions. They have an incredible client list, including major crypto companies like ConsenSys (MetaMask), CryptoDaily, CoinStats, OKEx, Nexo, Cosmos Network, and more. If you need help with NFT creation, no matter what size company or minting stage, Coinbound is worth checking out. Furthermore, Coinbound has gotten it’s clients some great results, including increasing the sales for smaller NFTs that don’t have the reach of big influencers, as well as getting NFTs listed on well known marketplaces without hassle.

Want to learn about NFT Marketing? Check out Coinbound’s Founder, Ty Smith’s recent Crypto Marketing Podcast episode on NFT Influencer Marketing.

6 Digital

6 Digital is an NFT minting agency created by RAC, a well known artist. He’s been in the crypto space for a long time now, and even launched his own cryptocurrency last year. His goal is to create an agency that brings his knowledge of NFTs to the rest of the music industry. The goal is to help artists navigate the world of NFTs, and help them get their own digital art pieces minted and sold. RAC has been in the space since 2017, so he has a wealth of knowledge to share with his clients.


Numomo is an NFT creative agency based in Korea. They offer an end-to-end service, helping creators and artists mint their NFTs. They have two offerings, their NUMOMO Academy, and NUMOMO Agency. Their academy teaches people how NFTs work, and their agency helps artists go from ideation, to production, to the sale of their NFT. Overall, it seems like a solid option for those that need an end-to-end service, especially if they’re new to the space. Their main clients seem to be artists and creatives.


First NFT agency specializes in creating, producing and minting NFTs. They’re based in Ukraine, and the company was founded in 2020. Similar to RAC, this firm is more on the minting and creation side than marketing. It’s an agency for celebrities, athletes and artists to create their own NFTs without the hassle of learning everything own their own. On top of that, they’ve been featured on large publications like The Verge, AMLBot and SharpShark.

Wrapping Up: Best NFT Minting Firms

As you can see, there are a ton of solid options for NFT minting agencies. Some focus more on the creation of NFTs, while others are more focused on strategy, operations and marketing. Overall, it really depends on what your company needs. As NFTs grow larger, NFT minting will expand as well. At the end of the day, lots of people will need help navigating the world of NFT creation. You can be sure that the list will be updated to reflect those changes.

While there are several agencies on the list, some are definitely a cut above the others. An agency like Coinbound has worked with some of the biggest crypto companies in the space and have years of experience working with every type of crypto project including NFTs.

Are you looking for NFT minting services? Reach out to Coinbound, the leading cryptocurrency marketing agency. Coinbound has helped grow top crypto brands like Cosmos, eToro, ShapeShift, OKEx, CoinStats, and more via influencers, community management, publishers, PPC, and SEO.

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