Our Top Crypto Super Bowl Ads 2022 | Ep 58

Last Updated: February 24, 2022

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The 2022 Super Bowl wasn’t just the biggest sporting event of the year, it marked the moment when crypto finally became mainstream. Some of the most talked-about moments after the Big Game were the ads aired by crypto companies. Coinbase took an ultra-simplistic approach to their Super Bowl ad, which ended up being so effective that it crashed their site! FTX utilized star power in its ad for the Big Game by featuring Larry David, and so did Crypto.com with LeBron James.

In the latest episode of the crypto marketing podcast, Coinbound CEO Ty Smith went over what worked and what didn’t in the crypto Super Bowl ads. He also gave his thoughts on where he sees the future of crypto ads moving forward. Stay tuned for future episodes of the crypto marketing podcast and subscribe to us today!

Key Takeaways:

0:07 Introduction: Crypto Bowl 2022

1:28 Top 3 Commercials

1:31 Coinbase Ad

3:21 FTX Ad

5:18 Crypto.com Ad

6:39 Strengths?

8:28 Predictions: Future of Crypto Ads


0:02 Ty Intro

0:04 Crypto Marketing in the Super Bowl

1:38 Coinbase’s Ad (b-roll video: coinbase ad?)

3:18 FTX’s Ad

3:22 Larry David(stock image to pop on screen somewhere around Ty)

3:30 FTX Commercial B-roll video: Can we include clips from ads without getting in trouble? Would love to ad clips while Ty is explaining the ads

5:01 Crypto.com’s Ad

5:04 Lebron James(stock image to pop on screen somewhere around Ty)

5:10 Crypto.com Commercial B-roll video(same notes and questions as above)

Topic Footer Timestamps

(Footer appears on screen as ty’s intro comes off?)

0:07- 1:21 Introduction: Crypto Bowl 2022

1:24-6:15 Top 3 Commercials

6:16-8:04 Strengths?

8:05-10:05 Predictions: Future of Crypto Ads


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