Sites Like Next NFT Quest 

Top 8 websites—besides from Next NFT Quest—for hunting down leading NFT collections. Why not mint your own? 

If you are big into NFTs, you are most likely aware that Next NFT Quest is the hub for finding the hottest upcoming NFT collections circling the space. 

Nevertheless, there are many other ways to snipe the most notable NFT projects with tremendous potential. 

So, let’s go on an NFT quest for other websites showcasing the most prominent digital assets and more: 

Top Sites Like NFT Quest

NFT Calendar 

Frequently used by NFT Lately for representing upcoming NFT drops on its twice-weekly newsletter, NFT Calendar is a straightforward, easy-to-navigate website that promotes some of the best forthcoming NFT collections. 

On this website, you can effortlessly search for today’s drops alongside new, ongoing, and upcoming projects.

Each collection has a short bio, alongside a link to the project’s official website, Twitter and Discord—to help NFT buyers understand the project before deciding whether or not to purchase such digital assets. 

Collectors can also easily list their upcoming NFT collections on the website for free. 

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Like Coinbase, is a cryptocurrency exchange company working towards accelerating the world’s currencies to crypto. 

Although similar to Next NFT Quest and NFT Calendar, the website also represents a compilation of upcoming NFT collections. structures the NFT drops in ascending order based on the release date and time to simplify searching. Visitors can then view old and new projects before checking out their mint prices, the number of assets, and other essential details necessary before finding them on NFT marketplaces for purchasing purposes. 

It’s important to note that it mainly focuses on GameFi and DeFi NFTs, rather than other creative sectors like art, music and so on.

NFT Evening 

NFT Evening is a popular website focusing on all things NFT-related, including news, drops and guides—similar to NFT Now and NFT Lately. 

However, unlike other NFT news websites, NFT Evening also includes a list of recent and upcoming drops worth checking out. 

To make searching simple, users can search for upcoming, past, and the most popular drops, before clicking on their preferred category, like art, game, defi or metaverse, for instance. 

To prevent wasting time, viewers can also select their favorite blockchain. 


NextDrop showcases a comprehensible calendar of upcoming NFT drops and projects.

When scrolling through the calendar, you can see which NFT drops are the most popular before deciding whether you want to buy or trade your own. 

Unlike the above websites, NextDrop primarily focuses on upcoming drops and deletes past events as soon as the project finishes, regardless of its success. 

Rarity Sniper 

Rarity Sniper is a fantastic website for searching for numerous types of NFT collections. On the right hand side of the website’s homepage, users can easily filter out their NFT needs to ensure they find collections most suitable to their taste. 

Once finding the NFT collection you desire, click on the drop you are interested in before being redirected to the project’s official website to find out everything about the collection of digital assets and more. 

Rarity Sniper also has a Discord channel with more than 319k members—check it out to discuss the hottest NFTs with like-minded people.


DappRadar publishes the top ranking and analysis for NFT collections. 

On DappRadar you can discover the most popular NFT collections across multiple protocols, including Ethereum, WAX, FLOW and BSC. 

The website also presents marketplace rankings and top real-time sales to assist you in getting the biggest bang for your buck when purchasing NFTs. 

It also has a blog section, alongside airdrops, games and more. 


Non-Fungi is a website that allows creators to pre-announce when they will be launching their latest NFT projects. 

Rather than solely focusing on the hottest NFT drops, the website also publishes NFT-related news stories and blogs and advises readers on how to mint their own NFTs. 

Moreover, the website has a section focused on NFT Drops that support Ukraine to help raise awareness and fund the country. 

NFT Drops Calendar 

NFT Drops Calendar is another fantastic site promoting, you guessed it, a calendar of NFTs. 

The website makes searching for your favorite collection of NFTs super simple. Here, you can also find a bunch of free NFT giveaway drops, or submit your very own NFT reward. 

Whatever you are looking for in an NFT collection—or want to promote from your very own drop—you can achieve your goals on NFT Drops Calendar. 

What’s Next? Buy and Mint NFTs! 

Now you have the know-how to hunt down the hottest NFT collections, you can start purchasing digital assets (if you haven’t already!). 

There are many NFT marketplaces where you can find the NFT you have your eye on from scoping the above websites. Check out these top 10 NFT marketplaces to find the one you desire. 

However, you must ensure you have a crypto wallet to connect to the NFT marketplace before purchasing your favorite digital asset. Therefore, we recommend installing Metamask if you haven’t already!

If you are more interested in publishing your own NFT collections on the above websites, here are some tips to help mint your own NFTs.

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