Storytelling Examples for Crypto Companies

Last Updated: October 25, 2022

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The beauty of Web3 is that it enables community storytelling in numerous ways.

Web3 allows content creators, like writers, artists, musicians, and others, to collaborate with individuals and expand on their creative efforts without the need for centralized associations taking a cut of the profits. 

Look at non-fungible tokens (NFTs), for example. These digital assets give creators limitless opportunities to tell stories through multiple mediums through virtual ecosystems. 

Other ways for crypto companies to story-tell includes through marketing, like using social media channels to captivate interests and interactions time and time again. 

Check out these examples of successful, valuable storytelling for all crypto-related companies

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Storytelling Crypto Project Examples 

Consumer Products’ DC Comics created its crypto project to tell stories through NFTs. The collection “The Bat Cowl” consists of 200,000 NFTs that allow fans to shape the levels of future comic book narratives. 

Collectors of the NFT can participate In the DC Universe by gaining access to the brand’s form. Fans can discuss future ideas and behind-the-scenes content in this online space and win physical and digital collectibles. 

Interestingly, each NFT— owned by the Batman fans—is then integrated into future DC Comics over time, making storytelling the prime purpose of the project. 

The co-created fiction universe also told stories through NFTs. Ethereum pioneer, Simon de la Rouviere, publishes the stories on his crypto project Untitled Frontier under the licensing CC-BY-SA 4.0 for numerous people to read at once. 

The project assists authors with developing stories, finding graphic designers and editors, and recording an audiobook anyone can enjoy as a podcast.

NFTs are then contributed to the authors as thanks for contributing, alongside half of the proceeds from each story’s NFT sales. 

Storytelling Through Social Media Channels 

Although storytelling can be at the forefront of crypto projects, you can also use storytelling in your marketing strategies for consistent customer engagement – rather than basing your entire project on the narrative. 

This is where Coinbound takes pride, helping crypto companies reach millions of users by identifying crypto brands and spreading the word by storytelling on the proper social media channels to the right bots, channels, communities, and more. 

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Instagram Storytelling 

Coinbound can help your crypto company tell stories by advising you to make your Instagram more visually appealing and continuously portray an exciting story. 

To make your images more attractive, we at Coinbound suggest that you refer to the ever-so-famous ‘Rule of Thirds’ – to ensure that your photo composition is on point and correct. 

Get in contact if you want to boost your visuals and get more likes. 

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Twitter Storytelling 

Twitter is one of the largest social channels used by crypto communities, which is why it’s critical to get your storytelling right. 

First and foremost, you must provide short, snappy Tweets that are straight to the point and make your followers understand your process. 

You can use a personal hashtag that spreads your brand’s story but don’t go too over the top – you don’t want to look “beggy”. At Coinbound, we advise using hashtags effectively, with proper planning regarding how it can positively affect your social media marketing. Be sure to reach out to learn more and to gain more followers. 

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Discord Storytelling 

Discord is a fantastic app in the crypto space for boosting your brand and building a close-knit relationship with your audience.

The channel is much more than a chat and audio service – it has benefits that public or private networks within the channel can access. 

Many Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) can also use the social media channel to communicate and decide on plans. 

One of the best things about this social channel is that, for engagement, crypto companies or DAO members can start telling a story about their company for other members to finish off and complete – to share their opinions in a light and humorous way. 

Much is achievable in terms of marketing and storytelling through this social media channel. Coinbound can help you provide value to your users through storytelling while bringing more members (and the right ones) to your community channel. 

YouTube Storytelling 

YouTube is another way to boost your crypto company. By giving your customers information about your project, the industry, and your thoughts on the future of Web3, your customers will instantly feel like they have a personal connection to you if your video is enticing and relatable.

Ty Smith, for instance. He boosts Coinbound by giving users free information on how Coinbound can help assist toward your marketing mix and offers tips and tricks to ensure everyone’s Web3 marketing strategies are top-notch to make Web3 a successful space. 

Check out Coinbound’s YouTube Channel here 


The Final Line – The Need for Storytelling

Whether you want to focus your entire Web3 project on storytelling like DC Comics and Simon de la Rouviere or add it into your marketing mix subtly, storytelling is a necessary part of marketing that is helpful to engage with your audience continuously. 

To start, you can publish a series of videos, content, or images to the social media channels you believe your viewers engage with the most, before expanding on the content to further boost your brand. 
If unsure how to do so, be sure to reach out to us at Coinbound. We can help you pinpoint what it is consumers love about your brand before helping you share stories about your company in the most successful way to boost your audience.

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