The Top 3 Social Media Channels for NFT Marketing 2022 | Ep 59

NFTs are continuing to take the world by storm in 2022, and understanding NFT Marketing has become a vital skill, whether you’re a Web3 creator,  investor, or enthusiast. Social media channels have proven to be key in marketing strategies of every industry, but especially within the web3 space. Social media can take a NFT project from ground zero to the moon, but social media optimization is not as easy as many think. You must do research into communities within these platforms, connect with the people you are attempting to reach, and gain insights from your usage of social media.  As a Web3 Marketing Agency, this is our bread and butter! In this episode, The CEO and Founder of Coinbound Ty Daniel Smith is breaking down the top 3 Social Media channels we recommend in your NFT Marketing Strategy and why!   If you’re new to NFT Marketing, you won’t want to miss this!  

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