Top 5 Influencer Marketing Agencies | 2022 List

Last Updated: May 3, 2023
Top Influencer marketing agencies list

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The influencer marketing industry is one of the top avenues globally for targeting post-Millenials as their purchasing power continues to grow. While there are many benefits to working with influencers, there are a few that are not often discussed: Backlinks increased brand awareness and a boost in sales. 

As a company, one would naturally seek out influencers with large numbers of followers; however, we would like to suggest you pay attention to the economics of influencer marketing.

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An influencer with millions of followers could bring you more attention; however, their following is probably too diverse to be targeted effectively. They also come at huge prices. On the other hand, a nano-sized influencer, which means they have 1,000-10,000 followers, won’t charge you mind-boggling prices.  

They are more likely to be connected with their audience on a personal basis with a very narrowed-down niche. It is a plus point as it can increase the quality of engagement when compared to bigger influencers.

However, finding the right influencer for your brand, liasioning, and campaign management are sizable challenges that you just might not want to focus on.

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That’s exactly where an influencer marketing agency kicks in and helps you make the most out of it. Here’s a list of the top 5 influencer marketing agencies that can help you grow your business faster without costing you an arm and a leg:

#1 NeoReach

For a brand seeking an effective influencer marketing strategy, NeoReach can be an incredible choice. With over 3 million social media users, the agency has a vast database of thousands of influencers who can actively promote your brand’s products and services.

Also, NeoReach’s platform has a sophisticated algorithm that helps you determine the ROI of your campaigns, with detailed metrics on all of their posts. With the right tools in place, you can easily hire the most influential influencers in the industry and measure their success.

As an agency, NeoReach leverages its extensive database to help brands and influencers maximize their reach and revenue. It also uses the latest technology and data to match influencers with the right clients. Its three-step process enables you to automate the process and make better business decisions. In addition to utilizing a fully automated platform, the agency engages directly with its clients like Airbnb to ensure that all campaigns are successful.

NeoReach’s automated influencer marketing services are highly effective for marketers who want to automate the process. All you need to do is set up workflows for your campaigns, and NeoReach will handle the rest.

Then, using data from past campaigns and key demographics, the agency will create a campaign that will reach your desired audience. The platform will also help you track payments and ensure that everything runs smoothly. The service is completely transparent, making it easy to monitor campaign progress and see how well it works.

#2 Viral Nation 

The Viral Nation is a global influencer marketing agency specializing in social media and video content creation. They claim to have the largest community of extraordinary social media influencers and 500 million engaged shoppers across all platforms.

They represent top brands such as Movado, ModCloth, Aston Martin, and many others. In addition, the agency specializes in full-service influencer marketing campaign strategy and management.

The company offers a variety of services, apart from influencer marketing. They also provide talent representation and social media management. So whether you’re looking for a highly-visible influencer or a highly-engaged community of fans, they can help you reach your marketing goals through this new avenue. 

Viral Nation has been helping brands grow their brands online since 2014. They represent influencers, social media experts, and content creators for various brands. They work with influencers to develop compelling and engaging content.

Their work with PUBG MOBILE earned them multiple awards, including the AVA Digital Awards as a Platinum winner for the mobile game launch. They were also named the Best Interactive Brand Experience for the PUBG MOBILE Halloweek special event.

#3 Socialfly

When it comes to creating influencer marketing campaigns, Socialfly brings the best of both worlds together: talent and expertise to help brands succeed. Socialfly is a full-service digital agency specializing in social strategy, influencer management, performance media buying, and full-scale production. It was formerly known as Collective Media. 

With offices in New York, Miami, Denver, Charleston, and Miami, Socialfly has the resources and expertise to help your brand get the word out. Read on to learn more about the firm and its services. Socialfly has a team of women with extensive experience in digital marketing. 

The company has also won several awards for its work, including the coveted ‘Social Influencer’ Award. The agency has been transforming the social strategies of 300+ clients and has received numerous industry honors. Its founder and CEO, Stephanie Cartin, gives us an inside look at her company’s process.

#4 Julius

Julius combines human-centered research with data science to connect brands with influencers. You can identify the most relevant influencers for your campaign using their data.

The platform also lets you search for influencers by their interests, content creation style, social media metrics, and more. With Julius’s tools, you can create a unique influencer marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a unique approach to reach influential people, Julius is the right choice for you.

Their clients include Bleacher Report, Edelman, Abercrombie & Fitch, GoDaddy, and Univision. In addition, this company works with both large and small brands to create effective social media programs. Founded in 2014, Julius has worked with brands like Apple, Google, and Unilever.

The platform is user-friendly and offers a rich data set, including over 75,000 influencers. The agency can help you track your campaigns, manage your brand’s social media presence, and find new influencers.

The dashboard offers an overview of your campaigns and includes industry news, influencer profiles, and curated feeds of industry news and trends.

Its platform is easy to use and allows brands to easily search influencer profiles. You can also find out about influencers’ causes and interests, which can be easily shared with your target audience. It also includes brand mentions and endorsements.

For example, clicking on a brand’s cause can lead to the author’s Amazon page, while clicking on an influencer’s interest will take you to a piece of content created in support of that cause. 

#5 Sugarfree

Sugarfree is among the top-notch influencer marketing agencies based in New York. Sugarfree offers a full suite of social media services, including influencer recruiting, paid promotions, and content strategy. The company has more than 50 employees in London, New York, and LA.

It also works with premier brands across multiple categories, including consumer goods, automotive, and beauty. In addition to influencer recruitment, Sugarfree offers data-driven campaigns that are measurable and scalable.

The Sugarfree influencer marketing agency is a comprehensive solution for your influencer marketing needs. Their team has social media experts, data analysts, and marketing pros who work together to create campaigns that get to the heart of your brand’s story.

Their syndication strategy ensures that you reach your target audience with the highest quality content. Moreover, their team is a great source of inspiration and creative ideas.

Based in California, the influencer marketing agency has a long-standing reputation in the industry. It has executed over 500 influencer marketing campaigns and is ranked the number one influencer marketing agency by AdWeek. It also has an impressive client roster of global brands, including Walmart, Google, Amazon, Kimberly Clark, and Johnson & Johnson. Its creative and effective influencer marketing strategies have helped a wide variety of brands achieve their goals.

The agency manages a number of international photographers and influencers. The agency founders are well-connected in the entertainment industry and have worked with many famous stars. Their services include Instagram social media management, content creation, photography, eCommerce design, ad production, and others. The agency’s team is composed of highly skilled marketers who have the experience to make your campaigns successful by converting likes into sales.

Summing Up

Finding a good influencer marketing agency can provide you with much more value than sales and branding- it helps you find insights, connect with your end-users, attract new clients from unexplored segments and regions. If you are a crypto-focused business looking for a crypto influencer marketing agency Coinbound can be the pick for your business.

Coinbound is a leading cryptocurrency marketing agency that works with major crypto brands like ShapeShift. The company specializes in thought-leading marketing, SEO, social media management, and PPC, in addition to public relations. Spearheaded by Ty Daniel Smith, who is famous for his Crypto Marketing podcasts, Coinbound provides its clients with the resources they need to gain exposure on the web.

Coinbound’s expertise lies in developing a social presence for blockchain brands. It includes understanding a brand’s voice and developing an effective content strategy. Coinbound creates engaging blog content that helps to boost engagements. Coinbound also manages and grows client communities on popular crypto forums and earns organic coverage from top publications and influencers. By using these tactics, Coinbound can create a solid foundation for its clients in the crypto community, which is critical to influencer marketing success. 

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