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Last Updated: October 8, 2021
Top NFT Marketplaces Ranked by Coinbound

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The tokenization of intellectual property has taken the world by storm. NFTs have been hotly discussed topics in the cryptocurrency industry for years and have more recently seen a huge uptick in attention from mainstream users as well. What is being considered by some to the the next generations version of art has quickly become a multi-billion dollar industry with the bulk of this money flowing through the top NFT Marketplaces.

Here are the best NFT marketplaces that you should know.


OpenSea is by far the most popular NFT marketplace. It is a user-friendly site, that allows easy minting, selling, and buying of NFTs. Because of this, quality of NFTs can range greatly from top NFT collections to low-effort ones. Apart from that, you can also educate yourself on NFTs by reading articles on their blog and newsletters which are top-notch. 

if you are a developer, you’ll love OpenSea as well. They have amazing developer resources that make it easy to build on their infrastructure and put you own spin on it.


As a direct competitor to OpenSea, the mission of Rarible is similar. They want to spread awareness about NFTs, and make them accessible to everybody. From minted Tweets to 3D installation, intellectual property of all kinds can be found here.

The main difference between Rarible and OpenSea stems from the content listed. While OpenSea is basically the eBay of NFTs, Rarible is much more niched down to art, specifically.

One thing to note: NFTs created on Rarible are easily sold on OpenSea as well. Most Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces will allow you to port your NFTs from another marketplace to theirs.


Foundation provide their users with a wide range of NFTs to purchase. Foundation is a different kind of marketplace. It is curated by the culturally aware community and wants to leave a footprint on the artistic landscape. Similar to Rarible in the sense of being primarily art focused, the content on Foundations is absolutely a step above that of Rarible in terms of quality.

Even when you visit the marketplace itself, you will feel like you are in an art gallery. Aesthetically pleasing design, a variety of never before seen artworks, and a community that encourages creativity. 


This site provides its users with a variety of artworks in a curated collection. It operates more like an art gallery than a typical NFT marketplace. On their landing page, we can see interviews with artists, tutorials, and of course artworks themselves. 

It is a space that has been designed to promote the most culturally significant creations. Magazine covers, 3D animations and comics can all be purchased directly from the artists on here. 

As intellectual property in the form of NFTs is rising in prominence, it is important to keep up with the current trends. Maybe somewhere on the marketplaces above is an art piece created especially for you? Find out for yourself, and check out those sites. 

For a more in-depth breakdown of the differences between NFT marketplaces check out Ty Smith’s podcast episode on the subject:

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