Top NFT Projects in 2022 | Full Guide

Last Updated: February 24, 2022
Top NFT Projects

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In 2022, there are tons of NFT projects that are growing at incredible rates, delivering strong utility, and fostering amazing communities that offer tons of value. In this guide, we will break down all of the top NFT projects in 2022 to invest in.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is probably the most widely known NFT project to come up in 2021. With minting prices starting under 1000 in March of 2021, they are now going for over 250,000 in many cases.

From A-list celebrities to sports stars, the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs are owned by some of the biggest names in the world and have a very passionate community.

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The Wanderers

The Wanderers are another super fun top NFT collection to check out this year. The NFTs are GIF-based and include great music as well. The space-themed NFTs are super exciting and they have a discord community of very passionate members.

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Generative Dungeons

What we really love about Generative Dungeons is the interactiveness of these game NFTs.

Generative Dungeons are the first playable NFT in the world. Players can go to OpenSea and quite literally play their NFT.

Want to play Generative Dungeons? Check out this Generative Dungeon listing on OpenSea.

Whats also cool and Generative Dungeons is that the NFT can save a high score associated with each NFT they have, meaning, if you play the NFT you can see how your score compares against other players. Also, if you own the NFT you can block other players from playing the game.

The team has also indicated that NFT owners might be able to monetize owning a Generative Dungeon through a variety of means.

Recently, these NFTs were even featured by Gary Vee on Twitter.

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