Top Places to Advertise NFTs | How to Promote Your Project

Last Updated: October 19, 2022
Top Places to Advertise Your NFTs

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How to promote NFT projects is a question that all curators will ask themselves at one stage of their mission. Luckily, there are many top places to advertise NFTs. 

Gaining mass awareness of your NFT project is key to success. So, now it’s time to create a solid business plan. 

Unsure of where to start your marketing mix? Check out these routes: 

Top Social Media Channels for NFT Promotions 

Many NFT curators use social media places to advertise NFTs, to reel buyers in. Here are the top ones regarding promotional purposes for such digital assets: 



Twitter is one of the most popular social channels for advertising NFTs. For many, it’s impossible to scroll through Twitter without seeing an ape or a punk. 

The best way to promote NFTs on Twitter is by Tweeting about the project or hosting a Twitter Space talking about the project to give consumers a better understanding of what your project stands for. 

Curators also take to Twitter places to advertise NFTs, to give away free NFT-related prizes in exchange for traction. 

You can also pay for Twitter ads to gain more followers. 



Almost all popular NFT projects have a Discord community, whether private or public. 

Many NFT projects only accept invitations to their Discord channels depending on whether or not the person wanting to join the server has purchased an NFT—acting as an incentive to buy a digital asset. 

The reasons are Discord gives away rewards on Discord channels to NFT purchases, like free NFTs, physical goods and more. 

Discord also acts as a host for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to communicate over chat, voice, or video regarding NFT or Web3 projects. Here, they can discuss ways to contribute to bettering the project (depending on technical abilities and available time). 

Discord also supports “Token Gating” for DAOs, which allows users access to channels on the discord server based on the NFT collection users own in their cryptocurrency wallet.



Telegram is a favored messaging service, with more than 100 million daily users. It has a user rate of more than 25% over other message and social networking apps. 

Although not as helpful in marketing, Telegram is excellent for direct messaging with a potential buyer.

Many NFT projects also have Telegram groups so fans can discuss their likes and dislikes about the project and bounce off new ideas to help the curator of the project in the future. 



Instagram is another hub ideal for advertising NFTs. This social media channel is fantastic for promoting the art of an NFT collection due to offering the most compelling visual content to communicate and entice target audiences effectively.  

To further help boost blockchain initiatives, Mark Zuckerberg began rolling out NFTs on Instagram back in Spring. 

Instagram users can share their digital collectibles and tag collectors and curators of NFTs for free. Moreover, they can also connect their digital wallets to show off their NFT collections rather than just a JPEG. 

Assistance From Marketing Agencies Crypto Marketing Agency

Reaching out to marketing agencies is an excellent way to reach your target audience without having to put in all the efforts yourself solely. 

Coinbound, for instance, helps some of the largest Web3 companies grow—including MetaMask, Cosmos, Nexo, and Immutable X—by launching campaigns that reach millions of consumers. 

The leading marketing agency takes pride in ensuring all servers are set up correctly, with the correct channels, roles, bots and more, to manage your community in a way proven to engage and continuously entice project members. 

Moreover, the team continuously secures press releases, announcements, pitches, and more to ensure the required brands are always in the limelight. 

Whether you are looking for more social media members or to connect with crypto entrepreneurs, Coinbound can join you with the right people, boost your marketing strategy, and reach out to a wide range of consumers interested in purchasing your NFT project. 

There are many websites online that solely focus on the promotion of NFTs. So, what better way than to promote your project? 

NFT Lately, for example, is a leading newsletter and media company that covers essential NFT news, events, drops and upcoming releases. 

With more than 12,000 subscribers, you know that your NFT project will attract the right consumers when published on such a site. 

The website allows for many sponsorship opportunities. For example, your project can have a detailed review write-up published to the website, which is SEO optimized, and shared on the company’s Twitter with more than 10k followers at a reasonable price. 

NFT Lately can add you to its 2x weekly newsletter for even higher traffic. 
Be sure to reach out to and subscribe to the NFT Lately newsletter to receive news covering the latest NFT drops, releases, reviews and more.

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