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Last Updated: October 9, 2022
Top sites like NFT Now

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NFT Now is the go-to site for hunting down the hottest NFT collections. Although, plenty of other similar sites have your interest at heart. 

Wondering which websites, exactly? Unlike NFT Now, some of these sites delve into everything the blockchain stands for. Why not learn about other NFT and crypto-related projects, and dive deep into the stats and figures of the blockchain market?

To expand your knowledge in the Web3 sphere, here are 10 blockchain-related publications notably worth checking out: 

NFT Lately 

NFT Lately is the number 1 NFT website for news regarding all things NFTs, including upcoming drops, releases, and updates. If there’s an NFT project worth knowing about, you can learn everything you need to know about it on this straightforward website. 

Better still, NFT Lately also focuses on crypto and blockchain-related trends—because what are NFTs without digital currencies and Web3, after all? 

To further help readers keep on track with pressing industry news, it releases a weekly newsletter twice a week, read by leading NFT brands like Rarible, Dapper Labs and OpenSea.

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NFT Lately Insider


DailyCoin is another fantastic website showcasing news regarding NFTs alongside cryptocurrency and other Web3 trends. 

However, DailyCoin knows that government policies and regulations dramatically change how cryptocurrency markets work. So, unlike other Web3 websites circling the space, DailyCoin has its own section focusing on the latest policy and regulation news


Founded in 2013, CoinDesk is no stranger to publishing pressing news regarding the Web3 industry.

According to CoinDesk itself, it takes pride in “building the most influential, trusted information platform for a global community engaged in,” and we do not doubt it. 

If you are interested in attending crypto-related conferences, you can find a list of upcoming events on this leading crypto website. 

The website also has a section devoted to Layer2 technologies, which most other crypto-related websites do not solely focus on; if you are significantly interested in Layer2 tech, head to CoinDesk. 



Similarly to us at Coinbound, Cointelegraph issues the latest news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, mining, cryptocurrency prices, NFT projects and more. Whatever you are looking for regarding the Web3 sphere can be found on this website. 

However, surpassingly, Cointelegraph also has its very own magazine. The publication delves into stories and trends that inspire blockchain and cryptocurrency conversations around the globe—rather than briefly focusing on daily news. Check out Cointelegraph’s magazines here


Cryptonews covers, you guessed it, news covering all things crypto. This website is worth a click and delivers pressing information about the latest Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, NFT, and altcoin trends and happenings. 

Like NFT Now, Cryptonews also has its very own podcast section. Although, differently, focusing on all things crypto-related rather than just NFTs. 

If you have more than 50 minutes to spare, check out Cryptonews’ podcasts hosted by some of the top minds in the industry. So far, there are more than 50 podcasts to listen to—all of which focus on unique, contrasting topics. So, expand your knowledge by giving them a listen! 


CryptoDaily shares, well, daily crypto news, of course. Unlike some of the other news websites mentioned, CryptoDaily primarily focuses on the financial aspects of crypto projects and information rather than the use cases and design of a project, and so forth.

Interestingly, CryptoDaily backs most of its findings with analysis, using trading charts from crypto indicators—to ensure readers get the trustworthy information they deserve before making crypto-based decisions. 

So, if you are super money oriented and want to learn the best ways to earn crypto or what projects to steer clear of, CryptoDaily is the website for you. 

Bloomberg (Crypto) 

Unlike the other websites mentioned thus far, Bloomberg focuses on various topics outside of the world of crypto, including entertainment, real estate, health and more. But, nevertheless, it has a highly newsworthy crypto section that top journalists frequently update. 

“Bloomberg Crypto” covers the people, transactions and technology that shapes the world of decentralized finance. Moreover, unlike other crypto-related news sites, it has its own crypto television show to explain pressing topics and ideas, suitable for Web3 novices. 

You can watch the full shows of Crypto Bloomberg on the Bloomberg website, alongside Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TV, Fire TV and Android TV:

Watcher Guru

Watcher Guru regularly issues top, pressing news about NFTs, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain ahead of time. Thus, it is worth checking out its Twitter @WatcherGuru for complete information before everyone else. 

Whether a crypto novice or for or against crypto, Watcher Guru can offer you straightforward, unbiased news about numerous Web3-related topics. 

Similarly to CryptoDaily, this website also focuses highly on the financial aspects of crypto, with fantastic sources to back up its information. Although, it is not a financial advice website by any means. 

It’s also a fantastic website for crypto and NFT projects wanting to advertise its services

NFT Plazas

NFT Plazas dedicates itself to supporting the expansion and mainstream adoption of NFTs, alongside decentralization and the metaverse. 

On this website, you can learn about the history of NFTs, metaverse news, NFT gaming, CryptoArt, upcoming NFT drops and more. 

What’s more, it has a section dubbed “Community Columns”, to give NFT Plaza fans a voice on the website. To achieve such goals, it includes a springboard to reach a wider audience and uploads podcasts of community members sharing ideas to help better the industry. 

NFT News Today

Last but not least, NFT News Today is a leading website that publishes the latest news, updates, and insights from NFTs and other crypto-related projects every day, and yes, even today. 

The website makes searching for topics super simple by adding an essential list of categories that include art, collectibles, gaming, metaverse, music and Web3. 

Whatever you are looking for in an NFT project, you can easily find it on NFT News Today. 

Wrap It Up 

As you can see, many of the above websites include all things Web3, including the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, rather than solely focusing on NFTs like NFT Now.

However, if solely focused on NFTs, many NFT projects can be found on these websites, alongside trends, metaverses and more. 

In this day and age, publishing material goes beyond postitng a simple article. 

Surpassingly, many of these websites put their spin on presenting pressing news, whether it be through twice-a-week newsletters like NFT Lately or podcasts like Cryptonews.

So, check out all websites to expand your blockchain knowledge in advantageous ways.

We also highly recommend watching Bloomberg’s crypto channel! 

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