What is a Crypto Fractional CMO? | Web3 Part-Time CMO Guide

Last Updated: August 26, 2022
Web3 Fractional CMO Guide

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When you’re a crypto company, marketing can be one of the primary challenges to finding success. Because the Web3 industry changes so quickly and a digital marketing playbook for the industry has yet to be fully developed, many companies struggle to find an experienced executive to lead their marketing initiatives. If these challenges sound familiar, it might be time to hire a crypto Fractional CMO.

What is a Crypto Fractional CMO?

Crypto Fractional CMOs are experienced Web3 marketing executives that can be hired for part-time help. These part-time Chief Marketing Officers have years of experience growing blockchain-focused brands and can help companies plan and execute robust marketing initiatives to grow their company while not incurring the burden of a full-time employee.

Things a Crypto Fractional CMO can do:

  • Create complete marketing plans and strategies
  • Help you identify your target audience and make a plan to reach them
  • Connect you with great marketing vendors and partners
  • Help you hire and train marketing staff for your company
  • Advise on branding and messaging
  • Advertisement campaign planning
  • Reporting and analytics tracking and analysis
  • Ad hoc marketing needs

Why Are Fractional CMOs better than a full-time CMO?

There are three main reasons you would want to choose a fractional CMO over a full-time one.


Fractional CMOs can be hired at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a full-time CMO. According to Salary.com, the average salary of a Chief Marketing Officer in the US is $335,000. When you add up salary plus benefits, hiring a CMO is very unrealistic for many companies, especially early-stage companies.

Fraction CMOs allow you to get access to a marketing leader you need at a price you can afford.


Hiring a full-time CMO is a big commitment. Fractional CMOs can typically be hired on a basis of a certain number of hours per month or even a flat hourly rate. This allows you the flexibility to tap into much-needed Web3 marketing experience without burdensome commitments.


With Web3 being a relatively new and underdeveloped industry, there are very few CMOs or marketing managers with experience in successfully leading company-wide growth planning and initiatives. A Fractional CMO from an experienced agency like Coinbound, has led dozens, if not hundreds, of campaigns for crypto companies at every stage of their lifecycle.

How Much Do Fractional CMOs for Web3 cost?

Fractional CMO plans are flexible and typically priced by usage. Meaning, you can pay for your crypto CMO based on how much you need them. Most Fractional CMOs charge by the hour at a rate less than a lawyer.

How Do I Hire a Web3 Fractional CMO?

When it comes to an on-demand solution for hiring an experienced marketing officer there is no better option than a Coinbound Fractional CMO. Coinbound, being one of the most experienced marketing agencies in the Web3 world, has a team of amazing marketing professionals who can help lead your marketing.

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