Web3 Marketing: Bull Market vs Bear Market | Ep 67

Last Updated: May 7, 2022

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The cryptocurrency market is in a bear market, and, once again, many are speculating on the sustainability of the crypto industry. Similar to the stock market, bear vs bull markets are inevitable in crypto and teams must find creative ways to mediate these market trends to ensure their projects can stand the tides of this nascent industry.

So here’s the million-dollar question– as a crypto-entrepreneur, how do you survive in this volatile industry that goes through these drastic ebbs and flows? In this episode, Ty disclosed his top tips to market and position your Web3 brand in bear vs bull markets, and how to take advantage of each one!

More specifically, how do you build your brand in these markets? How do you get people to care about your project during times of volatility? And what messages need to be tailored towards a bullish or bearish crypto market?

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Key Takeaways

Main Topic: 0:03 Web3 Marketing in Bull vs Bear Markets

Sub Topic 1: 0:55 How To Position Yourself

Sub Topic 2: 3:00 Content Strategies

Sub Topic 3: 4:00 Conference Attendance Strategies

Sub Topic 4: 5:24 How Marketing Pricing and Costs Change

Sub Topic 5: 6:23 Ty’s Market Hack


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