When To Hire A Community Manager? Web3 Marketing 101 | Episode 60

Last Updated: March 9, 2022

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When many first start a Web3 project, they are the face of the project. All of the updates, all of the interactions, all of the customer service- it’s all the responsibility of the founder(s). So you may wonder: When should I hire a community manager? What does a community manager do? How do I hire a community manager? And finally- how much should I pay them?

Community managers are a beautiful thing. They come onto a team and tasked with developing an environment that is consistent with your company goals and ethics that drive people to rally behind your project. Because of this, community managers are extremely important assets to any Web3 project or business. They help keep the discussion flowing, build trust with investors and potential customers, and can save you valuable time and money by providing key support in tasks that you wouldn’t have the time to do before onboarding this team member. There is a lot more to it than this, but that gives you an idea of why it’s such an important position to have within your team!

In this episode, Ty Daniel Smith, the Founder & CEO of Coinbound, dove into the topic of community management to discuss the most frequently asked questions we get surrounding community managers!

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