Women In Crypto | Ep. 49

With cryptocurrencies emerging as a financial asset class, now is the right time to change the narrative around diversity in the financial system. In this digital age, we are now paying more attention to a new segment of people: women, persons of color, minorities, and the like to be involved in different fields.

Moreover, the crypto realm allows women to invest, have financial freedom, compete with the market, and empower one another. Today we are joined by Liz and Amara,  as they give us an overview of how important it is to have women representation in the crypto world. Listen to this episode to find out more.

Key Takeaways

  • Powerhouse women and women bosses
  • The ethos of crypto revolves around equality
  • Crypto gives women more opportunity to have a voice
  • Knowing your audience and narrowing the business down to certain niches
  • Liz and Amara’s advice on women who wants to start in crypto


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