WordPress 6.4 to Introduce 100+ Efficiency Enhancements

Last Updated: October 23, 2023
WordPress 6.4

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The widely popular content management system WordPress is gearing up to release ‘WordPress 6.4’ on November 7, introducing more than 100 enhancements for a faster, smoother user experience.

Quick Takes: 

  • WordPress is debuting its 6.4 upgrade on November 7, accompanying over 100 performance improvements.
  • The new default theme, TwentyTwentyFour (TT4), promises high-quality, rapid performance.
  • From script loading and image optimization to style management, WordPress 6.4 will enhance user experience.

A Speedier, Seamless WordPress Experience Awaits

Although WordPress’ Performance Lab plugin plays a critical role in scrutinizing each change on the platform to prevent bloat and bottlenecks — with the outcome of such efforts notably already being impressive — the platform’s forthcoming default theme, TwentyTwentyFour (TT4), will take strides, boosting optimal performance.

Additionally, other impressive enhancements improving numerous aspects of the platform include:

  • Script Loading Strategies: Optimizing script loading by using ‘async’ and ‘defer’ attributes in frontend scripts, speeding up website execution.
  • No Attachment Pages: Enhancing user experience and search engine rankings by cancelling attachment pages.
  • Template Loading Enhancements: File existence check removal, and modern performance enhancements for smoother and faster page rendering owing to to caching mechanisms.
  • Image Loading Optimization: Adding ‘lazy loading’ and ‘fetchpriority’ attributes for easy image add-ins. Plugin developers gain control over autoloaded options, resulting in speedier sites.
  • Efficient Style Loading: Third-party developers can manage style loading to prevent redundant code, leading to a more responsive user experience.
  • Enhanced Object Caching: Improved object caching boosts system efficiency, reducing database queries and enhancing overall system performance.

In a nutshell, WordPress 6.4 is poised to enhance the overall user experience with performance-oriented improvements. From optimizing script loading to bidding farewell to attachment pages, revamping template loading, and fine-tuning image loading and style management, this upgrade promises a faster and more efficient WordPress ecosystem.

So, stay tuned for November 7, when WordPress 6.4 is set to bring these enhancements to the fingertips of millions of WordPress users internationally.

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