All You Should Know About Crypto Twitter Management

Last Updated: May 3, 2023
Crypto Twitter Management Guide

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Vitalik Buterin is a well-revered figure in the crypto industry. Not only the co-founder of Ethereum, Buterin’s opinion as a thought leader also has a long-term impact on the turn the crypto industry would take in the future. Buterin uses Twitter to engage with his users, respond to peoples’ queries and doubts and offer insights. His Twitter handle has 2.4 million followers. 

Nick Szabo, another pioneering figure in the crypto world, has more than 307,000 followers on Twitter. Joseph Lubin, another co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of ConsenSys, has more than 228,000 followers, while Gavin Wood, an Ethereum co-founder who went into building Polkadot, Kusama, Parity, and Web3 Foundation, has nearly 200,000 followers

Why do these numbers matter? The reason why we chose to start our discussion with these numbers is that they show the frequency and importance with which the leaders in the crypto industry use Twitter. They leverage Twitter to not only put out their views in the open but also communicate with the industry’s stakeholders and users and understand their needs. 

Twitter is a boiling pot of ideas. It pits one new idea against another. It is where questions come face to face with counter-questions. These exchanges help shape the ideas and test out their feasibility beforehand. Also, with its memes, tweetstorms, and trending hashtags, Twitter plays a vital role in building perception around innovations or managing them. 

These aspects are immensely crucial for an industry as nascent and as evolving as the crypto industry. As an industry player, you must establish your voice as a relevant one. Starting from publicizing your launch and making it known to a large base of people, Twitter also plays a key role in promoting the adoption of the product. 

The Importance of Crypto Twitter Management

The reach and utility of Twitter are growing each day. The platform had 166 million monetizable daily active users during Q1 2020, a 24% year-over-year increase. Twitter’s user base is also largely a young one. People who are more into technology and tech-based financial investments. 

Data shows that more than 4/5th of Twitter’s global population is under 50 years old. 44% of the US adults, aged between 18 and 24, use Twitter. Also, the US has more teenagers on Twitter than other media platforms like Whatsapp, Pinterest, Linked In, and Reddit. Twitter’s user breakdown also skews towards people who earn more than the average. 

A study has seen that Twitter users make 9% more than the average American. It is Twitter’s reach among the young and the affluent that has made it a popular social media channel among crypto industry projects and participants. It presents one of the largest growth opportunities – by gaining traction – for businesses that are new to the industry or going for their ICOs. 

If you like podcasts, Ty Smith has a great podcast episode on how to manage your crypto Twitter account.

The Nuances of Twitter 

On the surface, Twitter appears to be a simple platform to work with. You write your opinion and post it online to reach the follower base you have, and more. But, you can not utilize it to its fullest benefit without fully knowing all its features, benefits, and advantages. 

Tweets are the simplest of all features. You can write what you have to stay within the limits of 280 characters. If written correctly, it brilliantly serves the purpose of making small and big announcements about a project. Retweets and Quote tweets are brilliant ways to repost a message from a user. If leveraged judiciously, it can spread the reach of a project extensively. 

Earning a retweet from a person who can influence the market can bring thousands of new followers and even more interested eyeballs to the project. Efficient use of quote tweets is a prudent way to share value-added content and nurture communities. 

Twitter management is also about the efficient use of hashtags. It is a method primarily used to classify and categorize. But participation in hashtag-marked trending topics is immensely vital to stay relevant and gain the required attention. It is also crucial to realize the significance of pinned tweets and threads. 

While pinned tweets help highlight a particular aspect or focus area of the project, the tweet threads prove efficient in strengthening and amplifying a message. Proper analysis of user engagement data on Twitter, such as real-time replies, retweets, and like counts, offers unmatched insights into how the industry is behaving and strategies the project should take concerning that industry behavior. 

The question that arises now is how should a project handle all these? While it is possible to build in-house facilities addressing the needs of crypto Twitter management, specialized expertise ensures that you do not miss the train of Twitter traction when you need it the most. 

Here are some great tips for getting your first 1000 crypto Twitter followers.

Coinbound’s Leading Services 

Coinbound’s pioneering services have ensured more than seven times improvement to their clients’ Twitter engagements. It has a well-laid-out structure that deals with the entire management in robustly defined phases. Before going live, it starts working on the strategy by taking a deep dive into each brand’s distinctive qualities. 

The aim of Coinbound here is to formulate a strategy that will identify and amplify the brand’s unique voice. Next, it helps the brand go live. The goal is to maximize engagement. In the final step comes analysis and reporting. Optimization is a continuous and ever-evolving strategic pursuit for Coinbound. 

From the engagement data that keeps coming in, Coinbound keeps testing what works the best and takes improving measures as and when required. In terms of specific services, Coinbound covers the entire range of Twitter management activities for a crypto brand. It creates engagement-worthy content. Its plug and play management features help save time for the core team to focus on the development of the project. 

Coinbound’s content strategy is also aimed at nurturing a strong community. Its content keeps reacting to the trends and popular crypto content around it. It never goes irrelevant and helps highlight the project’s value in every possible market situation. One of the most enticing aspects of Coinbound is that it is always into building a larger organic audience. 

Acquiring an inorganic audience can be easy in the short term if you are willing to shell out the money. However, it does not add any value in the long run, such as dividends in terms of user loyalty. Coinbound does not believe in using bots or manipulating the follower in any other form or fashion. It ensures that its content speaks for itself in enticing others to discover your project and its tweets. 

There is always a dedicated Coinbound team of representatives to guide and support you. Even if Coinbound manages your handle, you retain the full ownership of your account. As users, each project gets its custom-built reporting dashboards. With 100% transparency, the project owners can see for themselves how their account’s performance is improving. 

Coinbound’s services have won multiple Best Marketing Agency awards over the years. It has also earned recognition as one of the top-rated ICO marketing agencies. Its services towards the industry have been exemplary and your crypto project can always choose Coinbound to augment its Crypto Twitter Management efforts. 

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