Best Crypto Forums To Discuss and Learn Crypto In 2021

Last Updated: February 22, 2021
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It’s weird but forums almost seem like a thing of the past, no? With Reddit replacing many forums, it seems like less and less people use the good old message board as a means of communication. Shockingly, this couldn’t be further from reality for the crypto community. The best crypto forums are extremely active, and a large number of projects have gained traction from solely posting on forums. And it makes sense. Crypto communities started forming in the early 2010s, before Reddit and other social media platforms became big.

Unlike other communities though, the forums of old were never replaced by any single social media giant, and continue to thrive today. For example, every forum on the list has 10,000+ topics created with many more created each day. With that being said, let’s begin.

The most famous and most active crypto community on the world wide web. The godfather of all crypto communities.

This massive community has over 500,000 topics and 10 million posts. You can really find any topic. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple. Crypto’s future in politics, government and the economy. There’s even a section dedicated to talking about crypto in 15+ different languages. is actually the first place many blockchain developers and entrepreneurs will go to promote their project. Early on many companies don’t have a huge budget for advertising, so they go on the forum and get people to engage with their company and content. Overall it’s a very effective strategy and one we’ve seen work many times.

CryptoCompare Forums

CryptoCompare rose to popularity as a platform to compare different coins, tokens and blockchain projects. Recently it launched its own forum where users can discuss their favorite coins, investments and upcoming projects. It’s separated by project, so you’ll have to navigate the topics based on that.

In total you’ll find topics on every project in existence and thousands of active users eager to tell you about their upcoming project with potential.


CryptocurrencyTalk is another very popular forum with lots of active members. It’s got a sleek interface and very user friendly design. The forum sections are similar to, where you have forums focused on bitcoin and altcoin, different languages, and general crypto discussions. While this isn’t as big as, it still serves its purpose by having a really active community.

In addition to the forum, they have videos, clubs and links to satisfy all your content needs. The platform really aims to be a comprehensive source of knowledge where you can discuss any topic and not feel left out, since certain parts of crypto are more obscure than others. also has their own forum. The crypto news websites gets over 1 million visitors every month, and is a perfect place to discuss blockchain startups and other news worthy topics on the crypto community.

One important thing to note about this message board is that it has a dedicated investment section, where you can learn about earning money through staking, mining and trading. In total there are 50+ sub-forums making this one of the most sectioned out forums on the web.


While Reddit isn’t exactly a type of forum, it still serves the same purpose. There are over 50 dedicated crypto subreddits, making it a great for anyone who wants predefined communities for their interests. Some have over 1 million members, while others have a few thousand highly engaged members and a tight knit community.

The communities range from beginner subreddits to ones focused solely on one aspect of crypto. For example, you’ll find subreddits dedicated to wallets while others are focused on exchanges. As the crypto community grows so will crypto subreddits.

Conclusion: Best Crypto Forums

Forums are great for both learning about crypto and promoting crypto projects. Many companies these days are using forums like to promote their blockchain companies through organic and grassroots-style marketing. It’s wildly effective because none of it looks paid, but everything is intentional. Reddit, and 4chan are all great platforms to execute these organic, guerilla marketing campaigns if you want an alternative way to get traction for your crypto company.

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