Best DeFi Influencers in 2021 | Top DeFi Accounts List

Last Updated: February 17, 2022
best defi influencers

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What a year it’s been for crypto. We saw the biggest bull run in ages, and multiple all-time highs for the biggest coins on the market. Ethereum really shined, and its technology saw widespread adoption for making dAPPs and other projects.

One type of Ethereum-based project is known as “DeFi”, or Decentralized Finance. The space is relatively new, and started gaining a lot of attention in the summer of 2020. However, it’s still fairly segregated from other crypto niches which means it has its own influencers as well. Basically, someone who learned about crypto yesterday most likely wouldn’t learn about DeFi until they are several months into their crypto knowledge journey. And that means it’s important to separate the DeFi influencers from the rest.

In this article we’ll dive into the best DeFi influencers who have the most followers and engagement across YouTube, Twitter and other social media.

Box Mining

Box Mining has tons of in depth review videos on the biggest DeFi projects on the market, including AAVE, UNI and COMP. On Youtube they have over 200k subscribers and on Twitter they have over 100k followers. It doesn’t get much bigger than that, and they are definitely a top-tier DeFi influencer. In addition to social media, they also have a blog where they post reviews and other content. Instead of the usual social media route, companies looking to promote their products with Box Mining have several options.

DeFi Dad

DeFi Dad made a name for himself while focusing exclusively on DeFi content. In the beginning, all his videos were tutorials on how to use exchanges, farms, and other DeFi apps. Other videos break down DeFi concepts so even beginners can understand the technology. This is a great option for companies that solely operate in the DeFi space, and want an audience to match.

The Defiant

On the surface, The Defiant looks like any other crypto channel. But when you actually look at his content, it’s got a very interesting theme: defying the system. Which makes sense. After all, that’s inline with what DeFi is looking to achieve. The Defiant makes a lot of educational content, to teach viewers everything they need to know about DeFi and how it works. Overall, this is a great option if you’re looking for a smaller influencer with an extremely engaged audience.


The Bankless guys make this list of best DeFi influencers for many reasons, most primarily, they lead the largest DeFi podcast, Bankless. Bankless covers DeFi topics like Ethereum, yield farming, and more and is a great listen.

DeFi Trader

DeFi Trader is one of the best DeFi YouTube channels around. His content is ultra-focused on yield farms, Ethereum, and sidechains like Polygon.

Conclusion: Best DeFi Influencers

Influencers are a great way to promote crypto projects. Many companies work together with influencers to create social media content including reviews, interviews and giveaways. The influencers then post that content across their social media channels to their followers. It’s wildly effective because influencers have a built-in audience, and if your product is truly good then it’ll get lots of engagement very quickly.

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