Best DeFi Newsletters to Subscribe To [2023 Guide]

Last Updated: October 13, 2022
Top DeFi Newsletters

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To many, the world of DeFi is still incredibly confusing. If Web3 is the wild west, DeFi is the wilder west. Decentralized finance is an exciting industry but how can you stay on top of the latest DeFi news? For many, it’s not easy. In this list, we’ve outlined all of the top DeFi newsletters you should subscribe to to stay knowledgeable about DeFi.

Top DeFi Newsletters

The Defiant

The Defiant is a well-respected name in the DeFi space. The media brand is managed by a number of prominent DeFi figures and influencers who team up to put out some great content.

Frequency: Daily

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The Bankless newsletter is put on by the hosts of the more well-known Bankless podcast. We love how focused these guys are on DeFi and the Ethereum ecosystem, specifically. Their insights are not to be missed.

These guys also offer a paid subscription for DeFi investors that want more comprehensive and in-depth insights.

Frequency: Daily

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DeFi Times

DeFi Times is produced a bit more infrequently than most others on this list. That said, they are still a great source of DeFi news and knowledge.

Frequency: Monthly

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DeFi Prime

DeFi Prime is much bigger than just the newsletter. The newsletter, however, is a really quick way to stay updated. This is probably the shortest DeFi newsletter which can be a pro or a con.

DeFi Prime mostly focuses on serving readers with the biggest headlines in the past week. Not much editorializing is done by these guys.

Frequency: Weekly

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NFT Lately

Now, NFT Lately is a bit more NFT-focused than DeFi. Still, we feel it’s such a well-produced newsletter and if you are into DeFi you should probably be at least NFT aware.

So check out NFT Lately also if you want to world of NFTs emailed to you twice a week.

Frequency: 2x per week

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