Best Inbound Marketing Agencies in 2022 | Top Choices

Inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost sales. If executed properly, it can be ten times more productive while costing significantly less than outbound in lead conversion. 

Inbound marketing, however, does involve some work in terms of creating content, connecting with the audience, and generating strategies for engagement.

But of course, not every business has the time and skills to manage an effective marketing campaign on its own. This is where inbound marketing agencies come in to help. 

What is an Inbound Marketing Agency?

Inbound Marketing

An inbound marketing agency is a digital marketing firm that builds, implements, and optimizes effective inbound marketing campaigns which involve useful, high-value, and strategic content for clients.

This includes content marketing covering blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media campaigns, SEO, webinars, and opt-in email marketing.

Instead of using outbound marketing tactics like cold-calling, cold-emailing, direct mail, and trade show presentations, in inbound marketing provide an answer to a potential customer’s problem. 

Inbound marketing agencies focus on capturing the target audience’s attention, engaging them by providing a solution, and empowering customers by delivering valuable information to make better purchasing decisions.

What does an Inbound Marketing Agency do?

Every inbound marketing agency takes a different approach to promotional services. The primary goal is to generate leads, boost customer relationships, and increase demand for product or service.

An inbound marketing agency will help with several things starting with buyer personas to capture the right audience and building customized campaigns by analyzing target audience and conducting competitor analysis. 

The agency will further help determine which marketing channels, including PPC, SEO, and social media marketing are most suitable. Content creation for different parts of marketing funnel is another aspect the agency can help with. 

The inbound marketing agency will also assist in determining the best promotional content by using reports and analytics to generate the maximum engagement and most revenue.

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How to Choose an Inbound Marketing Agency?

There is no one-size-fits-all when choosing the best inbound marketing agency. All kinds of digital marketing agencies offer specialized services for unique promotional needs. 

While the right pick will depend on what a brand want to achieve with the campaign, the ideal way is to start by looking at all the services and solutions offered by the agency. 

With marketing being an ever-changing concept, a flexible strategy that works best for specific business goals is a must.

Not only should the agency have a stellar reputation and an excellent list of notable clients, but it must also be good at providing feedback, reporting, and have regular communication. 

Additionally, anyone who wishes to hire services of an inbound marketing agency can watch out for some potential red flags when considering an agency. For instance, one should watch out for lack of a detailed plan, limited access to reports and analytics, poor communication skills, and taking a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing.

When should one Hire an Inbound Marketing agency?

If a company or individual have no idea who their content is for, meaning they don’t have marketing personas, then it is a sign that they may need to hire an inbound marketing agency to help with their strategy.

Other signs that point towards this involve inconsistent content and the inability to figure out how different metrics, such as traffic, lead generation, and new customers, work on a website and have no clue how to use marketing analytics effectively.

An inbound marketing agency will help with all that and more such as establishing lead nurturing campaigns for potential buyers and measuring the ROI.

Hiring an Inbound marketing agency means leveraging a group of individuals’ specialized skills and expertise to promote and boost brand presence. 

In-house marketing is expensive, but an agency will allow its clients to keep costs low as they can use the services only when needed. An inbound marketing agency will further help increase productivity, generate improved and higher-quality leads, and have better ROI by solely focusing on marketing campaigns.

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Top Inbound Marketing Agencies

Now, look at the best inbound marketing agencies known for providing great services.



Notable Clients: Metamask, Etoro, Cosmos, Nexo, Okcoin, & Voyager

Services Offered: SEO, PR, PPC, thought leadership marketing, & community marketing

Pricing: Customized pricing plans based on goals

Founded in 2018, the US-based Coinbound is an established marketing agency known as one of the top players in the Web3 and inbound industry. With their inbound methodology, a focus on strategic marketing campaigns, and the help of a large network of influencers, Coinbound helps brands go viral.

Coinbound also hosts an informative Crypto Marketing Podcast to share the most effective tips, techniques, and tools to help the industry learn cryptocurrency marketing tips from industry-leading marketers and grow their brand.


Notable Clients: 1st United, Shockwatch, Addgene, & The Arbor Company

Services Offered: Website design, branding, video marketing, & sales enablement

Pricing: Custom plans based on the client’s requirements

For all inbound marketing needs, SmartBug has got its clients covered with its dedicated team of marketing professionals proficient in content creation, graphic designing, public relations, and SEO.

Founded in 2007, this US-based agency will guide through all kinds of marketing efforts, right from creating thought leadership content to developing a meaningful presence in the respective industry.



Notable Clients: Kucoin, Bybit, Hubble, CryptoBiz, & OKEx

Services Offered: Data-driven digital marketing, SEO, PR, and sponsored content 

Pricing: Custom pricing plans

Founded in 2019, the India-based Blockwiz is a full-service crypto marketing agency with a video creation team, social media marketing team, and content writing team that helps companies reach their target audience. 

They also have an influencer marketing team to run campaigns on several social media platforms. Their crypto marketing specialists further include strategists, creators, and growth marketers.

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Kuno Creative

Notable Clients: IMARC, RAPID, Office, Green Impressions, Green Circle, & Starchive

Services Offered: Demand generation, social media marketing, & brand experience

Pricing: Custom plans based on the client’s requirements

The marketing and branding agency provides targeted inbound marketing solutions for B2C and B2B industries that involves raising brand awareness, acquiring quality leads, helping sales teams, and achieving measurable results.

These results are offered via services like website design, video marketing, content marketing, inbound sales, HubSpot Onboarding, PPC, and programmatic advertising. Sales enablement, meanwhile, is to support the training of the team to identify quality leads.

Ignite Visibility

Notable Clients: Sharp, National Funding, Tonny Robbins, & The General Insurance

Services Offered: SEO, PPC, PR, email marketing, & conversion rate optimization

Pricing: Custom pricing plans

This digital marketing agency is one of the best SEO service providers, both local and international SEO, that covers three categories: paid media, earned media, and custom services to kick off inbound marketing plans.

As part of its core services, Ignite Visibility also provides services like media buys, CRO, social media marketing, website design and development, interactive campaigns, franchise marketing, email marketing, etc.

Element Three

Notable Clients: Airstream, TOGO, KZ Recreational Vehicles, Roche, & Airhead

Services Offered: Brand development, multichannel marketing, & creative services 

Pricing: Custom plans based on the client’s requirements

Element Three is a “marketing consultancy” that helps build market-leading brands through digital marketing, website development, virtual event consulting, and marketing technology.

The six-time Inc. 5000 company has a group of writers, designers, analysts, strategists, and marketers to help brands and businesses achieve their big-picture goals.

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Final Thoughts

Inbound marketing is becoming a norm for marketers, and it is making inbound marketing agencies essential for any business to drive more traffic, generate leads, and boost revenue.

So, for anyone looking to take their marketing and business to the next level, this list will help them make informed decisions for their business and become a success.

Marketing Agency FAQs

How much do inbound marketing agencies charge?

There is no industry standard on how much this long-term, ongoing practice will cost. After all, inbound marketing is multi-faceted and includes several moving pieces such as strategy, planning, content creation, paid media, social media, and more.

That said, the best agencies will be honest about their costs and why they charge them. 

What are some good questions to ask before hiring an inbound marketing agency?

  1. What type of results can I expect, and what does the timeline look like?
  2. What will our day-to-day partnership and communication look like? 
  3. What is the typical ROI for my type of business and industry?
  4. What’s the content process? 
  5. Who are their previous and most successful clients?
  6. What are the KPIs determining the success of a campaign?