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Last Updated: December 7, 2022
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We are witnessing the renaissance of digital art. Through the use of blockchain technology in the promotion of intellectual property, NFTs have been gaining the attention of increasingly wider audiences. How do we keep up with new developments in that space?

We read about them in our e-mail inbox. Here is our list of the Best NFT Newsletters.

NFT Lately

NFT Lately is to NFTs what Morning Brew is to business. It’s a super engaging and easy-to-digest way to get all of the top NFT industry news in 5 minutes or less.

Since launching, they have built a really passionate community as well. Their newsletter subscribers include employees from Open Sea, Dapper Labs, Christie’s, Rarible, and more.

NFT Lately is also a great NFT Twitter account to follow.

Join NFT Lately is one of the most recognizable sites in the NFT space. You can use their service to find new NFTs, track the current trends, and analyze what is happening on the market. It comes to us as no surprise that the site is also providing its users with a comprehensive newsletter.

Their weekly update will educate you on the latest news in the space, and keep you informed about what might happen in the nearest future. If you want to keep tabs on what is currently the most talked-about piece of NFT art, this newsletter is definitely for you.

Join’s Newsletter

Forefront Newsletter

The Forefront Newsletter is focused on delivering constant updates about the Social Token Content & Creators insights. We can see how NFTs tie into the mix.

Before signing up for their service, you have the option of looking through a sample e-mail. This is a good way to check out, what kind of content you are subscribing to. We think that it is well worth signing up for. Check it out:

Join the Forefront Newsletter

Zima Red

The next couple of newsletter will be hosted on the popular Substack website. Before signing up to any of them, you have the opportunity to see what will be the structure of the e-mail and browse through the archive of the Newsletter.

Zima Red is preoccupied with anything NFT related. Looking through their Newsletter, we are greeted with Roundups, data on up-and-coming NFT Ecosystems, and the future of the NFT market. The author’s mission is to report on everything, and anything related to this intellectual property space, dwelling deep into topics like iNFTs.

Subscribe to Zima Red

Rarible Newsletter

Even NFT marketplaces have their newsletters. This is the case with Rarible, as a way of self-promotion and educating the readers on the current state of the NFT market.

In their newsletter, we can read about popular NFTs, their history and the upcoming drops. They want to educate their creators, potential buyers and people who are into the NFT space about what is going on on the Rarible website. They cover a variety of topics, so it is most likely that you will find something for yourself in their newsletter.

Subscribe to Rarible’s Newsletter


The last newsletter on our list is unlike any of the others. Through a more analytical view on NFT space, Metaversal provides us with articles about researching NFT projects, acquiring virtual land, or even Liquidity Mining around NFTs.

Metaversal dwells deep into the topic he chooses and is able to deliver high-quality articles on subjects that aren’t usually touched upon in the NFT space. Just check out some of his latest e-mails, to get a grasp on what Metaversal is about.

Join Metaversal

Newsletters are the best way to keep up with the latest NFT trends. Our list provides you with a variety of services, covering a broad spectrum of topics related to the digital art space. If you choose to subscribe to all of them, you will become an NFT expert in no time.

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