Top NFT Twitter Accounts to Follow | 2022 Guide

Last Updated: May 1, 2024
Top NFT Twitter Accounts

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NFTs are a great way to trade digital artwork and intellectual property. In this constantly developing blockchain-based world, it might be difficult to keep up with the newest industry developments. What are the most trending NFTs and why? What does the future hold for NFTs?

To find that out and more, you should check out our list of the Top NFT Twitter accounts to follow in 2022. 


One of the most popular, and important accounts on the NFT-related side of Twitter belongs to Beeple. He is the creator responsible for the artwork that has been acquired for 69 million dollars. His account is full of his current projects and encouraging messages for other creators in the space. 

Amassing a following of over 380k people, he is one of the most prominent NFT creators, sharing his opinions on other artworks, and commenting on the current state of affairs in the space. 


It would be impossible to create an NFT Twitter list without featuring an NFT marketplace. Rarible is known for its website that deals with buying and selling of intellectual property in the form of ERC-721 tokens, but their Twitter is also worth mentioning.

The over 160k followers get regular updates about the platform itself, current hot topics in the space, and plans for the future. They like sharing content from creators on the platform and are willing to sponsor blockchain-related events.

NFT Lately

NFT Lately is the top NFT newsletter and their Twitter account covers top NFT news, drops, updates, and more. We highly suggest following NFT Lately to stay up to date on all things NFTs.

Ty Smith

Another individual who is not afraid to share thoughts on the topic of NFTs. Ty Smith is the Managing Director of Coinbound. He is the creator of the Coinbound podcast. His involvement in the crypto space provided him with valuable insight into the world of NFTs. His NFT agency has represented some of the NFT world’s most powerful brands.

Sharing ideas straight from blockchain-related conferences, giving his two cents about the state of the global economy, or how NFTs fit into the bigger picture are all content ideas that can be found on his Twitter account. 

He also hosts a popular YouTube channel focused on Web3 Marketing.


Matty, the creator of this Twitter account, is, as he put in his own words, NFT OBSESSED. Featured on various other accounts like GaryVee, Coindesk or Reuters, he claims to be the number one blog to learn about cryptocollectible trading. 

He is certainly the most active account when it comes to NFT related topics. Constant updates on news from the space are the most common Tweets that we can read. He explains his thought process behind his trading and shares his insights on the state of the market. 


OpenSea is the direct competitor to Rarible, so on their account, we can find similar content to the one found on the rival marketplace. However, we do think that the OpenSea Twitter account is more structured around the idea of educating people about NFTs. 

One of the best NFT explanations and warnings about safety can be found on OpenSea Twitter. This helps in spreading awareness over the state of affairs in the market and helps understand the risks of investment. 

Kenneth Bosak

We finish our list with another crypto creator. His cartoonish art style, and willingness to collaborate with other artists is what sets him apart from other creators in the space. He calls himself the CEO of NFTs.

He is constantly engaged in the current trends, ongoing launches, and in everything NFT-oriented. Kenneth is updating his readers on the projects he works on, and the things he wants to invest in. 

More and more social media accounts focused on various aspects of blockchain technology emerge. Topics like NFTs need covering, and the accounts on our list will help you with keeping tabs on everything that is going on in the space. Check them out for yourself!

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