Best NFT Telegram Groups & Channels

Last Updated: October 2, 2023
Top NFT Telegram Groups

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If you want to follow updates in the NFT world, or be involved in powerful and exciting online NFT communities, you should definitely explore joining a top NFT Telegram group. NFT Telegram groups are large digital communities that have thousands of people focused on discussing NFT news, trades, price updates, and more.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top NFT Telegram groups you should consider joining in 2024 to immerse yourself in the world of digital collectibles.

Best NFT Telegram Groups You Should Know


Bitcolumnist is one of the world’s most popular sites for NFT news. Additionally, since acquiring NFT Lately, the most popular NFT newsletter, the site’s NFT content has been even more on-point. Bitcolumnist’s Telegram channel is a great place to follow NFT news.

Bitcolumnist’s NFT Lately was named the top NFT news source by OpenSea in 2023 and is read by the teams at Rarible, Dapper Labs, OpenSea, Coinbase, and more.

Join Bitcolumnist on Telegram

NFT Room

NFT Room is a public chat group for NFT enthusiasts. The group has over 3,700 members who discuss NFTs daily. The group is supportive and a must-join for NFT lovers.

Join NFT Room on Telegram

NFT Discussion

Like NFT Room, NFT Discussion’s group is for people who love to discuss NFTs. The group is very active and has a nice blend of NFT investors, artists, and collectors.

Additionally, the moderation team is very on top of making sure the group is free of spam, making it a bit more enjoyable for members.

Join NFT Discussion on Telegram

NFT Lately

NFT Lately is a fantastic source of NFT News and their Telegram group is a great way to stay in the know about the most recent updates in the world of NFTs.

Thousands of members follow this channel to make sure they get their NFT news faster than anyone else in the industry, giving them a leg up on investing and collecting NFTs.

NFT Lately also has the world’s most popular NFT newsletter and they post their new editions to their Telegram channel.

Join NFT Lately on Telegram [Recently Acquired by Bitcolumnist]

NFT Art & Artists

As you might imagine, this NFT Telegram group is dedicated to NFT art and artists making it a nice departure from more investment-focused groups that artists might find uninteresting.

In this group, you will find a variety of NFT art styles including digital drawings, generative art, AI-generated NFT art, and more.

This is another community that does a great job eliminating spam and shilling.

Join NFT Art & Artists on Telegram


If you know NFTs, you probably know about OpenSea. OpenSea is the leading NFT marketplace for being and selling NFTs. Since their platform is so huge, they have been able to build one of the largest NFT Telegram groups.

Join OpenSea on Telegram

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